Spin For Your Life

– I’m fine with boxing classes, yoga, but, I’d rather just lift though, man. I mean, I’ve never taken
a spin class before. (Hailey)Hey guys! You here to take my class? You’re gonna love it. – Yeah? You gonna run us too hard? – (laughs) No, it’ll be good! I’ll see y’all in there. – Yeah. – Dude, see guys, it’ll be fun! – [Spin Class Instructor]
Good morning, everybody! – [Students] Good morning! – Beautiful day for a cycle. (students laugh) Just a little spin humor for ya. Alright, butts in those seats! We gotta warm up. We want our heart rate to be anywhere between 115 and 130. Let’s go! – Ho ho, I’m already feeling it, bro! – Push yourselves, guys! No cheese dicks in my class. I wanna see you sweat! Where my ladies at? – [Students] Hoo ah! – What the fuck? – Alright guys, no more teat sucking! We’re gonna get our heart rate up to 215. Go ahead and lift it up! – 215? – Yeah, the BURN where I live! – [Spin Class Instructor] C’mon, live! – Guys, c’mon, we can do this! – Yeah, we can bro! Yeah, we can! – Alright, embrace the pain! Become one with the pain! – Death is life, life is death! (grunts with effort) – Love the energy, Jessica! Keep it up! Let’s go! – Let’s go, c’mon! – Guys.
– What? – Let’s go, Kasey! – I…
– Ass up! – Can’t! – Come on! – Kase! We gotta help him, bro! – Let him die! I didn’t say quit! Ass back in that seat! – Yes, ma’am! – Not today, little bitch! (intense percussion) (gasps) – Am I dead? – No, Casey, you’re not dead. But you are behind! Now get back in that fucking saddle and pedal before I kill you
again with my own bare hands! ( grunts) Alright, guys, we’re gonna
finish strong with some jumps! Let’s go! – Ugh! I’m gonna shit myself! – Shitting is acceptable. – Quitting is not! – I’m gonna vomit. – Puking is acceptable. – [Students] Quitting is not! – I’m bleeding out of my eyes. – Bleeding out of your eyes is acceptable. – [Students] Quitting is not! (screams) Feminist War Cry!!! (ambulance blares) (Jessica grunts) – [Jessica] Move! (Hailey) Rockin’ class, y’all! So, I’ll see you tomorrow? – [Voiceover] Respect!