Snowcat Freeride w Macedonii [ENG SUB]

Welcome! In sunny Macedonia Where despite it’s middle of the march And in the valleys there is allready full spring. In the mountains Like here in Popova Sapka We have still beatifull winter In the moment We will go by the snowcat into the mountains To search for some good lines So how snowcat freeride in Macedonia looks like? In the morning around 8 am We have breakfast Later at 8:45 we have meeting in front of the hotel Everybody is checking their gear Their skis Avalanche equipment Everybody must have avalanche airbags At 9 am We gather around snowcat And we are going off
in to the mountains By the snowcat We can reach an altitude… 2500 m above sea level! And sometimes even 2600 m Hotel is based at 1700 m above sea level And from this altitude there is allready good snow cover… For time like this Lets remind that now it’s middle of March. Higher in the mountains… There is much more snow. During my 3 days of riding… we’ve got huge variety of snow conditions At first day we’ve got really good powder snow Big snowfall was two days earlier So skiing was very soft and nice On the second day… Unfortunately Temperature went high up And wind became very strong Which blown up the soft snow But despite this… Our guides managed… To find some good lines! On third day… Full sun came out Temperatures became really high But despite this … Our guides managed… To find some good spots, with excelent snow To find best possible lines We’ve gone all the way to the boarder with Kosovo Where we found really great lines! Every day We are going out at 9 am To spend all day in the mountains Usually we get back at 4 pm… But last day we’ve get back at 5 pm Through all day we were covering… More than 4000 vertical meters! So every day, everybody can really ski a lot! During the day we’ve got… One longer break, On which we have lunch. Skiing is organised very professional. Always we have one guide, That is going ahead of us, And he is checking the line. He also gives us instructions, If we must go one by one, or we can go all together. Also behind us is going second guide, Who is responsible, that anybody doesn’t get lost. Everything went really smooth and quick. We didn’t have long brakes. Mostly it looks like this: When we are arriving to the top The whole crew, Quickly go out and take their stuff from the snowcat. The snowcat quickly as possible is starting to go down In the meantime, Whole crew is preparing for descent. We are discussing best possible lines. We ski down. And most of times, Until the whole group gets down, the snowcat is already waiting. All I can say it was one of the most interesting skiing tip in my whole life. I’m really impressed how big terrain is available thanks to snowcat. Because I heard different opinions, that snowcat can’t get everywhere Of course it has some limitations, but still even on ski tours, I wouldn’t be able to see that large area. During those three days of riding, We’ve covered more than 100 km
through the mountains! Which allowed us, To see very large area of Sharplanina mountains. Also we’ve had really great lines to ski! Especially the last day, was really like “cherry on the top”! One before last ride down, By awesome couloir, With great snow! Definitely, I will have good memories! And I would recommend it for everybody! Absolutely!