Small Business at eBay: BDH Bikes (Canada)

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is
Jean-Francois Lapointe. I’m the owner of Bicyclettes
de Hull in Gatineau, Canada. My dad started to repair
bikes in his basement, and after that he opened
his store in 1973. If I wanted to spend time with
him, I came at the bike shop and worked with him. Do you know when the
bike will be ready? I’m proud to sell things that
put people in good health. Here, everyone is so
passionate about bicycling, and it’s just our goal to
expand and bring more parts, bring more availability
to people everywhere in the world of cycling. In Quebec in the winter,
it becomes very, very cold, and we don’t sell any bikes. So to offset the slow months,
I started to sell on eBay. I helped attach
our store to what’s called eBay Seller Manager Pro. This product helped us
organize our inventory, automatically relist,
and sell more items. Most of our clients on
eBay are niche cyclists that want the higher end
parts at a lower price. Yes, that’s the one. And that’s where
our eBay shines. We sell 85% to
the United States. A lot of customers
didn’t know we existed before we sold on eBay. eBay has given us a
storefront to the whole world. Our company proves that you
can take a seasonal business and put it all year round. Perfect, thanks. Now we’re the largest
online reseller of bike parts in Canada. I won eBay Entrepreneur
of the Year, and that made my father
really proud of me. I hope to pass on my business
to my son and my daughter, and they’ll make
it grow like I did.