Hi everyone, welcome to the new TRICKSTOP video Today I will try to learn pretty special trick – NINJA DROP I will stand on an obstacle, hold my bike in my hands, jump off and land to the pedals and catch my handlebars You could see Fabio Wibmer doing this trick in one of his videos – he ninja dropped from a helicopter That was insane Another rider who I’ve seen doing this trick is Drew Bezanson – he’s pretty known for doing that Unfortunatelly, my task from the previous video was to learn this trick It’s not gonna be easy I guess I will start on this little wall Damjan determined I have to land it from higher obstacle, something like this high I hope there won’t be any crashes today I think it’s good to set the pedals into this position I will probably catch the pedals without looking at them It feels really sketchy, that’s for sure I’ll try few more of those and then get to a higher wall I’ll try it on even bigger height after that I hope I can avoid these situations later Next step will be this wall Landing on flat sucks, inclined landing would be much more pleasant Hopefully this will work, too I got an idea to try to ninja drop that railing over there Worst take off ever – slippery railing But here’s a sweet landing So I think if I manage to land it on this spot, the trickstop will be legit This feels really awful! Awesome! So close! It’s so sketchy! I can’t imagine doing it from a helicopter 3rd try worked out I’m pretty happy right now! Cool thing is that landing at this spot was much better than on the flat ground I also managed to catch the pedals first It felt pretty good ..and the landing was easy So this trickstop was successful, stoked about that I hope next trickstop will go to Damjan, because it’s always a really nerve wrecking experience I will work on the ninja drops so that I can use them in my future edits Thanks for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed the video Subscribe for more videos, you can also like, comment whatever you want Let us know if you’ve ever tried the trick I’d be happy for some tips, because it was first time I’ve ever tried that and there’s a lot to improve Last advice – try not to miss pedals or handlebars otherwise this is what will happen