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Today I’m going on a ride with Eric of BCPOV We’re gonna ride on Cypress Mountain which is one of the North Shore mountains in Vancouver, BC This is only my second time riding Cypress Mountain But it’s got some really great trails that are definitely worth returning for As you can see I am riding my Norco truax today There were some things that I’m working on with my Wilson. So unfortunately I couldn’t take it out There’s a lot to talk about, so I’m just gonna make another video later on Detailing all that’s been going on with this bike, but don’t worry, it’s getting pimped out. It’s gonna be super mint when springtime comes So another interesting thing is that YI, sent me their 4K+ action camera So I intend on making more of a review video of it later on but right now I’ll have it as my helmet camera angle, so we can see how it performs Alright my first ride with BC POV. Yeah this bump And then meat sweats, whatever yeah go for it, yeah All right or seasick oh yes Now I love this trail Oh Sure they missed that thing oh Man well gnarly oh Okay All right, that was so sweet Yeah, I love that trail that was so good oh man oh My gosh, I forgot to tighten my gimbal it fell down like this Yeah see this Like that’s the kind of stuff. I was riding uh first day. I went to Cypress and I was just like in love That’s where my bike shines a little bit better Huh, what’s that hat? Look sorry was this still Jersey Shore oh Yeah, I remember this Yeah, but that stuff is so fun Oh am I good, but then there’s like some like big boulders where you’re like okay, can’t quite plow through them Yeah, I think you remember this part was pretty fun fast sure All right oh Maybe that wasn’t so good ouch Getting a little little out of hand Yeah My left calf hurts I Just like went straight over I just had to jump off. I just like jump through this And I realize I can’t turn right that fast Okay, yeah, my left calf like good head to here like the only thing that hurts yeah I think it’s just because I must have like hit on one of these logs I just like I basically jumped off to the left and Mostly tried to protect my camera and gimbal ah it turns out I actually hit my leg really hard So this is a picture of the bruising and swelling I had to live with for the next two to three weeks Definitely worse than I thought it was I don’t even remember hitting my leg on anything just that it hurt a lot Yeah, good to go I’ll just go first. I just won’t go as crazy. Yeah I wasn’t gonna let that stop me from having great day riding, so we still ended up doing one more run after this one. Oh Dick there’s a dump there All right, yes, that is so sick Okay now my freakin fingers are tired you know and I’ll back in the river there yeah That was so sweet. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to ride that on my Wilson like seriously The city Yeah, yeah, what’s a boogie? Yeah, okay first his mom There you go, oh here we go meat sweats Oh Sweetie breaks After my ass still there oh Yeah, yeah That’s a good jump. Have you done it No? Oh, it’s pretty doable All right after my crash My calf is a little sore oh boy. I’m not quite riding the same right now Yeah, that’s a fun trail. I like that yeah, it’s it’s so organic though. Yeah, it’s so soft. Which is pretty fun actually Yeah, yeah, yeah All right, yeah, this is fun. I really enjoyed this So sketchy My finger just get tired from breaking. Oh, yeah, sometimes all just switch to middle fingers Seeing self a lot actually yeah, you’re kind of grabby, but they have a lot more power That’s what you got I got Shimano XT viewers Yeah, I think I’ll do it I want to go faster though, I want to go fast in last time I kind of case it last a little why did you want to do it? Oh? I’ll still let you go in front after that We’re gonna hit this jump whoo oh yeah there we go Where is he Did you do it Yeah, it was actually easy to clear you just kind of you don’t even need that much speed You just need to like bunnyhop a little There you let me go first down yeah Not crashed this time This was a really fun day beautiful views The fog over the cityscape was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to ride these trails again with my DaVinci Wilson It’ll be a much better fit than with mine or court Rex So make sure you guys check out BC POVs perspective of our ride go check out his channel He makes lots of really great mountain bike videos riding all sorts of awesome trails around BC He rides a whole lot of really cool trails that I definitely hope to join him on more this year So you can expect a lot more collabs with us in the future since we don’t live far away at all So I’m really looking forward to what this year has to offer especially with my new bike And I’m just gonna go riding a whole lot more I’m gonna be working really hard on making videos for you guys, so I’m really stoked so stay tuned Thank you for watching I want to give a special Thanks to my boost master patrons If you love downhill and freeride or just love riding mountain bikes then consider subscribing And if you like to see more content and keep you rolling on two wheels then check out my patreon page