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– Welcome to the first ever Ask EMBN. Where we get to talk, not just about parts and products but people, places. – Basically anything you
guys wanna know about Ebikes, Me and Steve will bang our heads together, combine our experience, knowledge and get back to you any
questions you got, #ASKEMBN, drop in the comments box
below and we’ll answer them. – Yeah. Me and Chris will attempt to fight it out over the questions. Talking about fighting, did
you hear about the tennis ball and the battery that got into a fight? – No I didn’t. – One got charged, the other’s
waiting to go to court. (laughter) – Enough of the crap jokes
Steve, let’s get into the show. – Let’s do it. Ian Wright has come in with this question, “What components have
accelerated wear on Ebikes and what are the best upgrades
to replace them with?” – For me I think drive train is the biggest thing on the Ebike, that’s where I notice
the most wear going on, especially over winter. But I think if you keep
on top of that cleaning and the maintenance of it,
it makes a lot of difference. – Yeah. Rather than upgrade it, maybe you just look after
it in the first place. I’m terrible for not oiling my chain but you oil your chain on an
Ebike makes such a difference. – Keeping that stuff lubed. Using the right lube,
obviously in the winter, make sure you’re using that wet lube and in the summer using that dry lube because you’re not gonna pick up all the same debris off the trail. – I hear some people
actually swap chains out, they run two or three
chains during the year. Does that work? – Personally, I’ve not tried it myself but I have heard that works as well. So that could be another option. I’ve seen things like brake pads as well. – Tires. – Tires. – Tires a huge one. Massive subject. – Especially the rear tire, find it wears- – Yeah, exactly. So, you know, kind of
extended use, heavier bikes, more breaking and… (mumbles) But also you could, I guess, fit a harder tire to your Ebike, but then you’re gonna sacrifice grip. – Yeah, definitely. – But you’re gonna get
probably more battery range on that bike, so yeah. – As well, break pads in winter, make sure you’re swapping those out to centered and then organic pads for the summer. That’ll make a big
difference on break pad life, because that’s something I noticed. But I don’t think it’s
necessarily more wear, I think you just ride it
more, don’t you think? – Absolutely. – Yeah it’s not more wear it’s just actually you doing more
miles and getting out there. But yeah that’s our advice for that one. Next up, we’ve got… Who have we got? – Martyn Frith. – Martyn Frith. – Hi Martyn. – “How do you progress to drops like the ‘boner’ log at Windhill?” So that’s that big… – Martyn, just don’t do it. Just don’t do the boner trough, just go and do something else. – Big log you love
sticking out of the ground. So boner log is basically a big drop off that sticks out, uphill… – Scares the (bleep) out of me. – Pretty scary stuff. I would say we’ve got progression really, it’s just taking little bite size chunks, just working on those drops, start at one foot high… – Dangerous little game, Martyn. – Yeah, two foot, just
working your way up. Bite size chunks. We’ve actually got a nice
video on progression as well. The process to progressing your skills on your Ebike is fundamentally the same for ever obstacle skill or trick. You need to start small
and work your way up slowly in bite size chunks. Then repeat over and over
until you’ve got it nailed. The video we’re gonna talk about today is gonna be in the description box below, all the links, so check that one out. But yeah, it just comes naturally, confidence, doing all that stuff. Just working your way up nice and slow. – Yeah and it’s confidence in it really. – Yeah yeah. – Yeah. Oh here we go, Steve and
Chris, this is from Ben Cox. Ben, it seems like you’ve
saved up your hard-earned cash and basically you wanna know whether to buy a specialized Kenevo or a specialized Levo, 2019. Well, that is a massive question. We get asked that loads of times. So, what are we looking at? In terms of 2019 bikes, you’re looking at 180
mil travel on the Kenevo and 150 mil front and rear on the Levo. If you asked that question
for this year’s bike, 2018, I think that’s more difficult because obviously the
Levo is 135 mil, so yeah. If you do harder hitting
riding, which you say you do and I’d probably lean
more towards the Kenevo. However, the new Levo,
there’s a lot of differences. 29 inch wheels, front and rear. Obviously there’s more
travel like I mentioned, 700 watt battery, that’s a huge thing, different sizes, so the new Levo has actually got a better range of sizing than the old Levo, so that’s
something to consider as well. Plus, things such as
smaller motor, it’s lighter. So I personally would probably lean more towards the Levo, but Chris is a different rider to me, there’s a difference there. – It depends, yeah. I totally agree with what Steve says, the 2019 Levo does look
a really exciting bike with that bigger battery as well, something you really need considering range is one of your things. But if you’re enjoying more
like the red and the black grade downhill trails that
you’re riding more off, like you said in your comment. I would slightly air towards the Kenevo. The Kenevo is pretty
capable as well, you know you’ve seen it pretty capable. – Nah, Levo, Levos are great. – Now riding uphill as well as downhill. It depends what percentage of your riding you want to do more of, if you’re more of a downhill style rider, if 80 percent is that
or red and black stuff, maybe air towards the Kenevo. But they’re both pretty capable bikes. – I would say the Levo is
a massively capable bike. – If I had the choice of either, I would probably go for Levo I think. (laughter) I would, yeah… – Right, hope that answers
your question, Ben. – Yep, we got… – What have we got here? – From CK Molenaar, “Top tips Chris thanks. I often hit my pedals on obstacles and ground even on straight lines. Can you make a video how to
avoid this kind of thing?” – Yeah, it’s tricky you know. Especially when you’ve got, when you’ve got tractor ruts and where the trail’s more overgrown. I think maybe the starting point is actually check your sag on your bike. It depends on the bike
and the suspension design, but normally 25 to 30 percent sag. – So if your suspension
is obviously too soft, that bottom bracket’s gonna be lower so you’re gonna get more
pedal strikes as well. Another thing to think
about is your footwork. What is it actually doing
when you’re on the bike. If you’re in that attack position, like aggressive riding position, just make sure your feet are level. If you ride with one foot dropped, you’re gonna be hitting all the stuff. And also looking ahead as well, reading that trail, making
sure you’ve go the momentum to past the obstacle or your work and your pedal matching, like you’ve got footsteps
working towards it. If you can feel that that
pedal is gonna hit that stump, just keep it high or, you know, get the power to go past it. – Or if you’ve got a rut, you need to keep your pedals level, right. Each side. But then, you know what, I still hit my pedals all the time. – I do as well, yeah. – If there’s a rut which is sorta deep, it’s inevitable, right? It’s all about getting the pace on to get through there without
pedaling through that rut. – Reading that terrain, looking ahead. – Yeah. So what have we got here? Ask EMBN. This is from Scott, “Have you ‘tuned’ your personal Ebike motors?” Uh, I haven’t Scott. (laughter) – I do now and again, it
depends what I’m doing. If I need that extra kick from the motor, I do increase the
acceleration, thing like that. But I’ve never… – I guess we’re talking here, there’s a difference between
have you tuned your bike or have you de-restricted your bike. Now, you can actually
tune the Shimano motor and the Specialised motor. You can have that motor
working in, you know, with more acceleration
or less acceleration, better battery range
or less battery range, it’s like infinite tune. Are we talking tune or are
we talking de-restriction? – I’ve done both over the years. So I’ve ridden de-restricted
bikes obviously where I can and it’s legal to do so. It’s great if you wanna use that bike but I find obviously de-restricted, you’re keeping that motor
kicked in all the time. You can be draining that battery off. You’re never outside that giving it rest, so it just drains that battery loads. – I’ve seen you and Sam Pilgrim do some massive, massive jumps which it’s on private land, you must have to de-restrict them to do that. – Yeah, for some of that
run-ups and stuff, yeah it’s de-restricted but the 99 percent in every single bike I use on the trail and just general trail
riding is restricted and it’s pretty much stock, you know. I’ve just tweaked it up occasionally for those bits that we do need, so. – In my point of view, I think I actually change the type of riding I do so you don’t actually need
to de-restrict your bike. For example, I try not to ride
fire roads and tarmac roads, just trying to ride single
track as much as possible. I’ve actually done a video, is the 25 kilometer an
hour restriction too slow? Which you can find in the link below. So today we have got a
range of bikes to test this 25 kilometers an hour argument and then see how easy it is to get two, and maybe beyond that limit. So, three bikes. First off is a road gravel bike. Then we have traditional
mountain bike, 140 mil travel and finally an Ebike. And we’re gonna be riding the Ebike first of all with the motor off. Then, we’re gonna ride it in
eco, trail, and boost mode. – We got Hasse Birkmose here, ask EMBN, “What is the best motor
for pedaling standing up?” – I’d probably come back to Hasse and say “Do you or
should you be standing up on an Ebike climbing or pedaling?” – I’d say 80 percent of
my riding is sat down riding an Ebike, well
for climbing as well. – I think, especially for climbing, because we’re doing
really technical climbs, so if you stood up pedaling, you’re gonna be over the front of the bike, and there’s more likelihood for that rear tire to be spinning. However, having said
that, both me and Chris did a feature called the slab, where we had to stand up pedaling because it was simply so, so steep. The question is though,
what’s the best motor for standing up pedaling? – I think they’d all be
about the same, to be fair. – From our experience,
Specialized, Brose, Shimano, Yahama, Bosch, they’re pretty much… Yeah it’s all down to your gearing and your body position really. – We’ve got Wayne Carkeek here as well, “I don’t get why they use
carbon fiber as a bash guard, why not Kevlar, carbon doesn’t
like crushing and tearing, Kevlar eats it up and could have tinted resin to have
the stealth look still, carbon looks very cool, but it’s not the right
material for the purpose.” – Did you see the new Husqvarna Ebikes, they’ve got a really, really
cool bash guard on their bikes. I try to avoid smashing
the motor area on my bike. – Occasionally I hit it on some, you know if I mess up going to up a log or things like that, I
don’t tend to actually use it as a bash plate itself. I think it’s more of
just a bit of protection. Obviously anything there will help, but personally I haven’t
broken a motor cover or anything like that, have you Steve? – Yeah, but I think
there are alternatives. I see a lot of people use
inner tubes on their down tube. You can put some plastic
on your down tube, I mean there’s all kinds of material. Carbon fiber is a very expensive material to use in quite a vulnerable area, so I’d probably shy away
from it, I would say. – And if you are hitting that area, obviously there’s a lot
of electrics, wires, parts of the motor and such that it is quite a damage prone area. So just stay aware if you
are hitting that area. – Had this question from Brandon John, who is looking to fit a
wider tire to his Ebike. Obviously there’s advantage
for grip and durability. But what are the disadvantages
is your question, Brandon. Well, disadvantages are… – Obviously you’ve got disadvantages would be more drain on the battery, obviously you’ve got a bigger tire, so a lot more friction so you’re gonna be wearing that battery down. Although you said it
might fit in your frame, so you’ve got that room on the
chain stays and seat stays. You wanna check actually
the suspension as well because sometimes those
bigger high profile tires can give you like seat burrs, then there’s tighter corners as well. That tire will flex and will rub on your chain stays as well. – It does depend, you do get a lot of, I guess we’re talking two point five, two point six, two
point eight tires, yeah. Yeah, we run two point eight tires and some two point eight tires, because they’ve got weak side walls, when you run into pressures
of about 20 psi or lower, depending on your weight obviously, they do tend to fold a
little bit in the corners. So you need to be really
careful on the tire pressure. But in terms of bite on
climbing, they are insane. – Yeah. – Yeah, definitely go for it. – And obviously this time of year as well, you wanna be thinking
about mud clearance as well if it is tight around those
chain stays and seat stays, obviously that’s gonna be a
bit more of a problem as well. So just check you’re not riding
the limits there as well. – Yeah, so Brandon, come back to us with what bike you have next time, then we can maybe give you some more info. Capailldub, thanks for getting in touch. Your question is “Can you do a list of essential spares and tools to get you out of trouble
out on the trail?” Christopher. – Well, I don’t know
about that one, Steve. I don’t only do wheelies,
skids, and things on the street, you’re more of an adventurer. What have you got? – So listen, I actually
did a trip with Doddy not so long ago and we did how to pack for a multi day trip. – The length of your trip will dictate the sort of tools you’re gonna need. So we’ve got a couple of inner tubes here, I think Joan’s had a couple as well. Got a mini pump, a
selection of tire levers. I mean normally, I don’t
tend to use tire levers, but on these Ebikes, some of these are downhill tire casings and they’re really difficult to get off, so you gotta make it easy for yourself. – It’s time for the quick
fire section of the show, this is where we answer
the questions quickly. So let’s get into it. We got Paul M here. “Bunny hops I can get the front
wheel up as high as I like, but getting the back
wheel up is witchcraft. Can yank it up with clips, but not ideal.” So probably what you’re doing is just pulling too hard
on those handlebars, you’re probably not central on the bike, you’re probably more forward, so get in the center of the bike, push your feet down, back,
and scoot the pedals up. Sort of push them back with your feet, pulling that back wheel up. – I thought this was quick fire. Anyway, so this one’s from Paul Davies. “The question is Haibike or Specialized? Best battery life? Best climber? Most versatile? Info please.” Paul, huge subject. I mean, there’s so many
different Haibikes, so many different Specialised bikes, I reckon you need to
get along to a demo day to see what you prefer. So many different motors. I don’t even know where
to start on that question. Sorry, Paul. – Uh next up, Christopher Brady. Ask EMBN, “What’s your
favorite Ebike so far?” – Such an easy question, Christopher, such as easy question. – Go on then. – This is, I’m being
genuine here, alright, I have ridden so many Ebikes and I have enjoyed riding
every single one of them. I’ve even ridden 300 pound
Ebikes and had a great time. So yeah, it’s all good, all good. – We’ve got Grant Johnson as well, “What Ebike are you
looking forward to most?” – Basically, same as the last question, basically the next Ebike that
we do our next video with. – And the next big technology advance and, you know, they’re
changing every day, you know, we’re seeing new stuff, so the list is endless on that as well. So we got KTMRay1, “Is
there any reason you chose a canyon to go on this Enduro Race?” – Yeah, many reasons actually. You know, the canyon’s 150 mil travel, it’s ideal for enduro racing. Also, we did a feature with Shimano down at the rock desert festival. So it’s actually quite convenient that I was able to borrow
some Shimano batteries for that event. – Saves obviously traveling
with the batteries and stuff, doesn’t it? – And that’s it. That’s our first Ask EMBN. Really enjoyed doing this show. Please come back to us
with more questions, can’t wait to answer them. But also, let us know your feedback on what we’ve answered today. – Yeah keep those questions coming in, just #ASKEMBN, drop them
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going back to a question on the show from Brandon
John who asked about tires, there’s a video which I’ve done which covers everything to do with tires. You’ll find that down by here. Another question we got
asked by Martyn Frith was progression, we’ve done a nice video on Ebike progression,
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