She shreds harder than you: Scottish mountain bike rider Louise Ferguson

I’ve got everything I need in Fort William There’s a really nice bike scene. Nevis Cycles is a big part of that They just help out with everything Jon and the guys that work there are super friendly I go in and get a cup of tea, get the chat get my bike looked at, and come away happy There’s quite a big student population in Fort William It’s getting bigger and bigger every year The more young people there are, the more people keen on the outdoors It builds the scene, there’s a really good mix of local people and students that are interested in the same thing I’m pretty lucky to live in Fort William because you can do as you please, there’s no one telling you not to do anything we’ve got an amazing right to roam in Scotland There’s loads of open space, you can go biking and not see anyone Or you can go swimming and find really quiet spots I think that’s one of Fort William’s best features. You can get away from people really easily. There’s loads to do in Fort William, there’s Nevis Range that acts like a hub, that brings people together You can bike all year in Fort William if you’re keen but it get’s to a point where it’s too cold to ride You just have to get ski’s or a board and head to the hills In mtb, it’s really easy to get stuck in the same discipline I want to push myself and try different things It’s a cool feeling when you do something and succeed Obviously it’s bad when it goes wrong It’s not the worst thing is it, because you chose to do it Yeah, Fort William isn’t busy Although it does feel like it is in summer Even though there’s 10 people out riding their bike, you just won’t see them Places like Kintail and Torridon and Ben Alder like, big mountain rides, you can get away from everything It feels ike you’re doing it for yourself If you choose to have people with you, that can be really chilled They’re pretty spectacular and they’re not that far away from home an hour, or a few hours driving you can get on your bike….. and it’s just stunning even when it’s raining. There’s so much to explore, having your local trails is one thing and you can ride them, and have your favourite trail, or turn and ride them in lots of conditions, and feel really good on them but when you go to places like Morvich or Fisherfield, or somewhere like that, you’re riding trails that aren’t necessarily meant to be ridden on a bike and you don’t know what you’re gonna get you put loads of effort in to get there, so it feels like more of an achievement when you’re riding down It’s crazy how small Scotland is if you’re on the top of a big mountain you can see all the other peaks , you just kinda…. I don’t know, I can’t really describe it it just feels really good