SELLA RONDA BIKE DAY 2018 Cycling Vlog Sellaronda Dolomites @fabulousport

Corvara in Badia Dolomites Italy Sella Ronda Bike Day 2018 Cycling Dolomites Good morning it’s Sella Ronda Bike day Let’s go ..from Corvara Good morning British lady.. Good morning Italian man! First day in the Dolomites? Yes Sella Ronda Bike Day ..what a beautiful event! Yes it’s cool! Really Nice! Do you like these mountains? ..Beautiful! What a beautiful scenery! Stunning isn’t it? Colfosco in Alta Badia We recommend everybody to come and see this stunning place ..don’t we? Yes Very nice! This is the first Pass ..the Passo Gardena How’s it feeling? Very good! the moment.. The feeling is good..also beacuse we just started, but.. we”ll let you know in a moment! anybody could do this ride.. ..even me! ..even Emma with a little preparation this year.. as long as you have the good gears ..a light gear! 32 / 34 on the back ..should you buy your bike.. ’cause that enables you to enjoy these rides even with very little training.. you just go slower and use the gears to your advantage Alta Badia Dolomites South Tyrol italy ..another switchback coming up.. they’re very rewarding.. as you turn look back down to what you’ve achieved already far we’ve just reached the first pass of the Sella Ronda Day ’cause you know that in the Sellaronda bike day you do this loop anti-clockwise, so the first pass is this one the Passo Gardena whether the Maratona dles Dolomites does it the other way round feed station Descending Passo Gardena Pass Groden all right we starting the second pass the Passo Sella there’s a bike service station here ..and off we go! ..reaching Passo Sella in the Dolomites ..and this is Passo Sella ..salute! we deserve a Coca Cola now! Cheers The Marmolada still with snow on it ..very beautiful 13 degrees here today ..beautiful. we just wear a windshell Descending into Val di Fassa ..and this is where you descend from the Passo Sella.. .and you start going up towards Passo Pordoi Let’s go! Passo Pordoi Pass ..stunning mountains and this is the boarder between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige ..the two regions of Italy ..and now, back down Passo Pordoi towards Arabba Arabba folk music playing and this is Passo Campolongo ..mamma mia and it’s our last climb of the day.. ..thank the lord! laughs well done well done! ..mamma mia! this is the end of our loop ..we got back to Corvara ..the Sassongher mountain bellissimo .. beautiful! ..all right, I hope you enjoyed this ride with myself and Emma you’re welcome to like and subscribe see you later! bye ..come to the Dolomites it’s an amazing place! nowhere like it ..stunning! Ciao!