Scotland – Mountain Biking Day 1: Aviemore & Cairngorms (HD)

Ride along with me across Scotland. Bike across Scotland 5 day mountain biking trip led by Wilderness Scotland guides Pickup at Aviemore station We start here, at Aviemore Bike fitting and test ride Try to avoid skidding at the end Here is the next challenge If you are you feeling up to the want to try the ride up get in the low gear Nicely done! Pull in the front… it’s fairly hard to get lost Thank you There is car coming There are cars and bikers coming Are we missing somebody in our group? Smile Look at the deer! Deer on the right side! Wow, look at that! That’s a beauty right there Excuse me…. excuse me! Lunch Load up and head to our next stop Day 1 totals: 10 miles and 506 ft elevation Dinner at Ben Nevis Scottish salmon Haggis Sticky toffee pudding Cranachan Thank you for watching! Let me know what you think in comments below If you enjoyed this video, click “like” and Subscribe to my channel for more videos