Schwinn varsity 1250 Road Bike

hello everybody today I’m gonna do a
video Schwinn Varsity 12:50. i bought this bike in Walmart and i am making
this video is because I haven’t found any videos on varsity 1250 and it was hard
for me to decide which one to buy. i have seen the videos on 1200 and 1300
but I don’t know if this new version from Schwinn varsity 1250 or not but so
i thought i should post a video so that can help everybody! so yes it comes with a
14 speed, aluminum bike frame I think it’s more of a hybrid too. previously had a mountain bike but I was
not comfortable with that this has a great speed and i am using it for
every day per purpose so far this it’s fast and know that there is no problem with
that thank Walmart for selling it at good price 200
bucks and this is something i was looking forward to and right here this is Schwinn Varsity
1250 and I’m signing out