Schwalbe ADDIX Racing Ralph, Rocket Ron and Thunder Burt  – Long Term Review

Schwalbe ADDIX Racing Ralph, Rocket Ron and Thunder Burt – Long Term Review

Hey everyone, end of the racing season up here in the white north and with three racers in the house it’s time to take a
look at the gear we used and give you my two cents on what work for us. Today I will concentrate on the tires We used Schwalbe front and rear on all three bikes and we put north of 700 kilometers on these bikes between training for
races and actual racing conditions. Throughout the season I’ve used a couple
of Pacestar compound tires that I had leftover and all the other ones were
ADDIX Speed, so one that’s very similar to Pacestar but the new compound from
Schwalbe so let me take them one by one and tell you what I think. First, the Thunderbird, and you see here
a tubeless ready Pacestar compound, so Snakeskin this has the sidewall, protected
sidewalls and this was used about half a season. Thread pattern is identical with
the new ADDIX compound tire, you see the 29×2.25, the other one is 27.5×2.25 I run this one from spring until the end of the season. No sealant seeping through the sidewalls and right now, after a season of use, they measure, this one measures about 2.2 inches being a 2.25. Before I took this off I measured it and it was 2.15 on the slightly narrower rim. The rim on the 29er is 24 mm. This tire is almost bald, it is meant for speed the rolling knobs here in the middle are tiny but because of these cornering
knobs that are sticking out quite a bit as you can see here, it does provide a
level of cornering that is very similar to Racing Ralph. What you give up is a bit of braking power. This tire was used by a really light rider, about 60 pounds. I am about 175 all dressed up and you can see here the cornering knobs being pretty much done on mine, I mean I can still ride the the tire but I would
need to replace it for next year. I didn’t have any flats this season given all the exposed casing that’s quite something. In all previous years I’ve had at least one
flat throughout the season. Next is the Race Ralph, and given my experience from last year I decided to only use it in the rear. I’ve used it front and rear
last year and it was kind of sketchy up front. This one is a Pacestar compound,
Liteskin, back in the days when it was still considered to be tubeless ready (TLR). The other one is the ADDIX compound one ADDIX Speed, and this one is the
tubeless ready or Snakeskin so reinforced casing here on sidewall. Thread pattern, again, is the same. Pretty good rolling resistance, however
again, cornering is kind of sketchy if you put this up front. As a rear tire it’s good, however the Thunderbird for me works as well and it’s a bit faster. The one thing that I want to show you here is this is Liteskin, it’s not losing
air yet, however you can see the sealant sipping through the sidewall so after
season of use this tire is probably about done from that standpoint . Wear and tear after a season of riding, you can see a bit of wear here on the side knobs, you
can see these rolling knobs being a bit more rounded up, they don’t have the
sharp edges anymore and on this one you can see a more pronounced wear here on
the rolling knobs, and also you see small tears over there on the cornering knobs. By the way, that’s a good way of checking on whether you’re leaning your bike in the
corners, if you see these kind of cuts on your cornering knobs, you know you’re
doing a great job if you don’t see any of that you might want to recheck your
technique! They’ve lasted a full season for me with no flats and that’s the most
important thing. By the way, on these 23 mm ID rims and that one is at 20, almost 21,
they measure 2.15 inches after stretching out the whole season. And that takes me to the Rocket Ron which was the tire of choice for us up front. I’ve used the Snakeskin sidewall on the 29er, this is Liteskin, ADDIX compound, ADDIX as well and Liteskin and finally we’ve used this one for a little bit. This one is tubeless ready TLR, Snakeskin
27.5, this is the one with the big wobble so we took it off because it was defective. But all the other ones worked perfectly fine, you can see on the
Liteskin here, on the sidewall you can see tiny bits of Stan’s sealant
seeping through. Now as you use this more and more, you’re gonna see more sealants seeping through so that’s when you probably replace it. But the Snakeskin one that is supposed to be tubeless worked out perfectly from the
get-go, no issues whatsoever. This fourth one, this was a bit of a nightmare to seal, I ended up putting the Race Stan’s sealant in it which is a bit thicker and has bigger particles in it so thisADDIX Speed, Liteskin, it
just took forever and even now even though you don’t see sealant seeping
through here, there’s a couple of spots where tiny bits of air escape still so it
will lose a little bit of air in time. But overall it was usable tubeless even
though it was not meant to be. Wear on these tires can be seen as the rounded edges here on the knobs. And it’s more pronounced on these two tires because my kids use their dirt bikes on the street so on asphalt tarmac as well. On mine, it looks almost new, I didn’t put that many kilometres on it compared to my kids, and
I didn’t ride this much on asphalt at all. So this looks very good at the end
of the season, I would definitely either use it in the rear, or continue to use it
up front for a little while. 29er 2.25 measures 2.2, the other
ones on narrower rims, they measure 2.15 up front and in my opinion they are
a much better front tire than Racing Ralph. ADDIX compound tires seem to be an incremental improvement on the previous Pacestar, but I didn’t feel like they provided a lot more of anything. They were good tires, that probably lasted longer than the Pacestar we’ve used before. One thing to notice is that I received a defective tire, I have a couple more that have imperfect casing and almost all the tires were overweight
by about 10%. That can be an important consideration especially for XC tires. What about you guys? Have you used any of the new ADDIX
tires this year? Do you plan to use the new Racing Ralph or Racing Ray that they just released? Let me know what you think in the comments below, if you found this useful don’t forget to like the video, keep an eye on my channel and social media. I’m gonna include more links in the description below, and until next time, hope to see you guys on the trails If nothing else for some night riding. Cheers guys, cheers!