Robert Gesink’s Bianchi Oltre XR4 Training Bike

– I’m here in Girona in Spain, which is one of the most
popular destinations for professional cyclists
to base themselves. Apparently there’s 130
of them living here. That’s incredible right? And I’ve just seen Robert Gesink returned from a training ride. I asked him very nicely, if I could take a look at his bike. He said yes. Let’s take a closer look at it. (music) So let’s start at the frame, shall we? It’s the Bianchi Ultra XR4 in the lovely Celeste color, frame size is 59 centimeters. Now this frame was
released back in July 2016. Mounted to it is the Bianchi seat post which is specific for the frame, and on top of that is a Fizik
Antares 00 model saddle. That comes with, of course, the braided rails to save
a little bit of weight. We move forward, we’ve got the Vision Metron one piece handle bar and stem. Now, the stem that’s 130 millimeters and the bars, 42 centimeters across. On the front of the Shimanos
are 9150 DI2 shift levers. Mounted to the integrated bars is in fact a Pioneer Power Meter head unit. Then, to keep a super smooth front end, he’s actually got the
DI2 junction box here in the end of the handle bar. I do like that. It’s ever so neat. Finishing off that look though, at the front end it’s matching FSA handle bar tape in that Celeste green. Now, the brake calipers
I’m guessing this bike, they are the Shimano
9100 direct mount model, so they attach with two bolts instead of the traditional one. The cassette is a Shimano Dura Ace 11-28 which is pretty much standard these days on professionals’ racing bikes. The derailleurs, both front and rear, are Shimanu 9150 Dura Ace DI2. Chain set that’s again Shimano 9100 with chain rings 39-53 and a crank length of 175 millimeters. Gesink is a pretty tall rider, after all. The pedals, Shimano Dura Ace 9100. Fitted to that Shimano Dura Ace chain set is in fact Pioneer’s
dual sided power meter, which makes Team Lotto NL-Jumbo the only team remaining in the World Tour to be using Pioneer’s system. Moving on to the wheels. We’ve got Shimano Dura Ace clinchers fitted with Vittoria Corsa 25 millimeter gum wall tires. I do like a gum wall tire. I just measured them actually, on a digital calipers. They are true to size 25.02 millimeters. How close is that? Now moving on to some of the finishing touches of the training bike. We’ve got a waxed cotton bag held on with a leather strap underneath the saddle. In there a couple of spare inner tubes and some tire levers. Interesting too, and I love this, he’s actually got his name embossed onto a leather patch on
the underside of that bag. How cool is that? A personalized saddle bag. Fitted to the seat tube
of Gesink’s training bike is the Lezyne Road Drive pump. It’s not really that mini a pump. In fact it’s 28 centimeters long, which is gonna help him inflate his tires back up to decent pressure
in a lot less time than one of those tiny mini pumps that leaves you frantically pumping away at the side of the road. Couple of Tacx carbon
fiber bottle cages, too, in the matching Celeste color way. It really done complete a
fantastic look for the bike. Then Gesink, he’s got enough name stickers on this bike so that
none of his team mates could mistake it for being theirs. He’s got two on the actual frame itself, one on the rear wheel on
the center of the hub, and he’s got one also on the seat post, so he can actually
determine his saddle height, should he need to take out
that seat post for travel. The saddle height from
the top of the saddle to the center of the bottom
bracket is 82.5 centimeters. The reach from the tip of the saddle to the handle bars is 62 centimeters. The drop from the saddle to the handle bars is 14 centimeters. The weight of the bike
comes in at 8.2 kilograms. Of course, that includes
the spare inner tubes, the mini pump and the
clincher wheels, too. Now the moment you’ve
all been waiting for, the free hub sound test. Let’s have a listen. (spinning noise) Now I do hope you’ve enjoyed my look at the training bike of Robert Gesink. A huge thanks to him in fact, for allowing me to
basically grab it off him at the end of his ride. You could use this in
a race, couldn’t you? It’s that good. Now, remember as well to
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