Road to Weissensee. A Bike Trip Story.

So everything has started here in
beautiful Innsbruck This is me, my bike and some stuff. And
here are glorious people from komoot team. We got together in one place to ride
bikes to another place and meet more glorious people from komoot team. Wait wait but Why? Okay let me explain. People work for komoot from different places in Europe. But several times a year we all come together in one place to work and have fun. But before that, 9 people decided to make a preparty. We all came to Innsbruck, got some beer and ice cream. And on the next day… Good morning Jonas Good morning You’re getting late —Definitely Yo Are you ready? Super-ready Let’s go! let’s get to Weissensee How the climbing is going? Ha? Well now it’s king of over. Not over. But we have a little pause for the climbing. But good!
Nice weather, beautiful view. so we go to the border now Does everyone has their passports? So now we are officially in Italy. Just
passed the border. Yeah, nice. So good! —let’s get naked 🙂 Beautiful town. Here we try to find some
pizza. Can you show some pizza excitement? —Pizza-pizza!
—Yess! Enjoy your meal So if you drink beer and ride bikes Something like this going to happen It was only a radler! f** hot! All right! We are here first day is done Everyone is happy. —Happy?
—Happy So we came to a small Italian town Where everyone for some reason speaks German. We’re in Austria, not in Italy I’m waiting for my beer now Look at this view! Wooooooow! Jonas Coffee What is the distance we rode? 30? Yeah, 30 Just 30? Oopsie But I think it was the first climb “Climb” Yeah, it was really a climb.
But it’s downhill from now. —It was a CLIMB Downhill and then a just a little bit of a bump. —Tiny bump.
—Tiny wall. What’s your favourite tattoo? These two I quite like And then the self-portrait is a good one as well Oh, it’s a self-portrait? The snake, this one? And then the back, obviously. No one had seen it. But. In the sauna In the sauna, yeah So let’s go further guys Cookies? Go back —I’m super tired but I couldn’t fall
—Who was in your room? No it wasn’t a problem. It was me No, you were not snoring Yeah, I know But all of you are tired, no? So I’m the only one brave enough to shut my eyes Guys please continue! Oh my god. I think they’re all getting
tired now Stefany’s special tip — gummy bears. —We did it!
—Weissensee! —Let’s jump Jonas! And now… —Where’s Rob?
—They went to the hotel maybe… Get in, get-in let’s go further