Road Bike Vs E Bike – Col De La Madone Climbing Challenge

– And it is that 704 watt
hour battery that allows you that great range on your E-Bike (laughs) – What’s that? – Dan Lloyd just sent me
a message, fancy a mad one in Monaco? Wow, he is not as straight
laced as I thought he was wow. Gosh, sorry I’ve got to go. That is an invite I am
not going to turn down. – Arrived in the South of
France, believe it or not. You can barely see any
of it because it is so cloudy and so wet, but
hopefully the weather will improve. But, I have invited Steve
Jones on EMVN over here for a challenge. He is really excited,
but, he doesn’t know what the challenge is just yet. He is in for a surprise. – Jonsey! – Dan, oh my god, it is
so nice in the sun but you’re two days late and
why the hell have you brought me to a supermarket
in the back end of Madone? I thought we were going to have a mad one? – No, Madone, that’s the
col de la madone over there. That’s what we are doing our challenge on. On that climb, one of the
most famous climbs in cycling – Right. – This is quite a famous
supermarket, and as you can see it is open 24 hours
a day, 24 days a week. But no, we got a challenge
today to go from here to the top which is an
elevation gain of about 950 feet. – Sorry Dan, I am not
doing it. I am not going to the top of that hill. – Well you are off road,
because you got your mountain bike I can see. – I take my E-Bike everywhere, yeah. – And rather than going
on the road at 25 kph which is what you’d be able to do on that. You’d smash me basically. – What is, why do you want
me to go up that hill? Is it like some kind
of record or something? – Well, it is not famous
for being in Tour de France because it hasn’t been in Tour de France. It is famous as a testing group for a lot of the worlds bests riders.
So they current record is with Richie Porte. – Hold on, it is all coming together now. – Yeah, he lived in Nice. – Right. – He used to use this as his test to know whether he was inform for the Tour de France. – What kind of time are we talking? – Well it depends where
you take it from but Richie Porte on the main part of the climb sort of 24 minutes. From about here just over half an hour. – 24 minutes to the top of that? – Its insane isn’t it. – You’ve got to be kidding me. – So, I have worked out
that if he did it in that time, it is going to take
me just under an hour I reckon. So you’re
going to be way quicker so what I’ve done is found an amazing off road route which starts
about 400 meters from here. You’re going to fork off and I am going to show it to you
on the map and we are going to see which is quickest. You on a E-Mountain bike on
a gnarly off road route up or me at my 260 watts on the road. – So, if you’re telling
me that the record is half an hour did you say? What’s the guy called again? – Richie Porte – That’s like, an average
of 400 watts then right? – Well – That’s an average speed of 25 kph – So, its about 400 watts and
he weighs about 30 kilograms so its quite an impressive
power to weight ratio. Don’t be thinking about
Richie Porte’s record up here we’ll be nowhere near. – Dan, if you get up there
in an under an hour ill buy you all the drinks later. – Okay, you’re on. – See you later then – Let me just show you
the map so you know where you’re going. My route is one that
many of you will know. It starts from the
inter-marche and it is a little under 13km to the top climbing 850 meters, with an average gradient of 7%. Steve’s alternative route
is much shorter at 9.2km however, that means its
also much steeper and being off road much harder too. It also includes some
downhill which I am sure he’ll enjoy, but that
does mean he’ll end up doing more climbing in total. Right so you’re clear where you are going? Where your route is? – Yeah, pretty clear. – So it is literally about
800m up here and then you are going to fork
off to the left that is your off load bit. The locals have told me that it is pretty easy. – Easy? Easy? – To navigate, navigate. You won’t lose yourselves up there, its going to be hard. – That’s a limestone mountain,
it is going to be horrendous – That’s the idea, otherwise
like you said I won’t have any change against you otherwise. – But do you know what,
I can see a few cut throughs there ill probably get bored of following you up the road right. – Well I said, you’ve
got an off road route. Otherwise I am going to get whooped. (chuckles) Right are you ready? I’ve just got to calibrate my power meter. – Calibrate your power meter? – Cause its like a little test for me. – Well two can play,
ill calibrate my watch and the only calibration
I can do on my bike is actually sticking it into boost mode. – Not getting it into full boost mode. I am actually quite nervous. Firstly I want to beat
you and secondly it is like a fitness test for me. My tactic is a simple
one, I know from recent tests that I am able to
sustain around 255 watts, but, I am hoping ill be
able to do a bit more now that I am getting fitter. So I am going to set out
at around 270 watts and then basically hope for the best. Unfortunately, Steve has
more power under that metaphorical E-Bike bonnet
but on the flip side he doesn’t have nice smooth
tarmac all the way up. (countdown) – Go, crikey, bloody hell. – Holy, are you actually
cycling at that pace? That is way quicker than I thought. Whose got the Ferrari? Jesus, Dan is going way
quicker than I thought he’d be going. Holy, are you serious? Oh my god, he is doing like 26 K. Dan, you’ve, oh my god. – You’re going to fork off here alright? – Bloody hell, what the hell? – Here we go. (drum and bass music) – I can imagine Dan is easing himself into the foot of the medone. Me on the other hand have
got instantly involved in this monumental arm
wrestle up hundreds of steps. Whoa, 771 feet. Heart rate is racing, oh
my god there is the road. So the first road is,
thats 1000 feet I think. Where is Dan? Is he above me? Or is his below me? (upbeat music) – So, 3 K’s in, average power 282. Which is more than I
planned on setting out at. (panting) Did feel quite comfortable at the start. Not so much now, see what
I can continue to sustain. Long way to go. (drum and bass music) – All these slow tied
hair pins, I can just feel it Dan is going to be gaining on me. Then I have got these
banks, there is no way Dan’s route is going to
have stuff as steep as this on it. Oh my god. (drum and bass music) – A couple of kilometers
further on and 280 watts is starting to feel decidedly hard. And my moral isn’t
exactly helped when Steve flies past me on the road. – Ridiculous pace, oh
my god those steps were, (coughs) honestly, the steps were so steep. So much hair pins on
it, I genuinely cannot believe how fast Dan
Lloyd is going, I am going to have to just make up
some time on this quick road section here before
the next ridiculous uphill technical challenge. (music continues) As you can see, I am pretty
much riding a river bed compared to the smooth
tarmac the guys are on. And in terms of physical
climbs, this is definitely up there, I can just
definitely feel that up there on the right, the
guys are hundreds of feet ahead of me. I’ve got a lot to catch up on. (drum and bass music) (horn) – I honestly feel like
I have been stitched up thats like about 1000 steps up there. Honestly, its so, so technical. Oh my god, I can’t believe
its actually so close. I think it is going to
be head to head from now on. (panting) can’t talk. (ceremonial music) – As I head towards the
commune of Santanyes, I am already beginning to tire. Not a great sign as that
would only be half way up. Depressingly, I think I’ve
overestimated the power I am capable of sustaining. And I have set out too hard. However, the second half
of my climb is ever so slightly easier, whilst,
Steve is about to head downhill before he
starts climbing back up. (ceremonial music) I haven’t seen Steve for a while, fortunately I think he is ahead of me. But, my understanding from the locals is that he has quite a
surprise coming up towards the end. Lets see if he keeps
taking it step by step. – Yahoo, (laughs) (music intensifies) (drums play) (Steve struggling) (panting) That was really hard. The last part of that
climb goes on forever. Felt like, I could see
the top so many times but it wasn’t. I think I’ve won. I am so out of the zone I forgot I was in a bloody race. But, Steve is not here. Might be time for Champagne. Although, I honestly don’t even feel like any alcohol at the moment. Right, stats. (panting) So I did go out a bit
too hard, I average 273 watts in the end. As you remember I was 283 near the bottom. So I did fade, I found
that last bit really hard. My heart rate was quite low,
I am fairly tired I think. But, i am please im up on my FTP and I’m pleased I am first to the top. (Steve panting) Aye (claps) Bloody hell, whoa. – Are you serious? – I would have been
surprised, if you had made it up that. (Steve panting vigorously) – Oh my god. Are you serious? – Good work man, that
last bit, I heard from the locals that the last bit is super hard. – I was totally stitched up. Totally stitched up. Dan that was physical, it was technical and I have to say I feel
a little bit stitched up. – Yes, well you didn’t
think I was going to come up with a challenge where
I might lose did you? I will let you in on a little secret, when I spoke to the locals
about whether there was an off road route up here. They told me there was and
I said I’ve got a friend is going to be doing it on a bike and they looked at me like, well
they looked at me in a way that suggested you weren’t
going to make it up here even with the bike with the motor. – Is that any surprise,
is that any surprise. Did you realize what was involved in that? Its a limestone mountain,
the steps on it were horrific, honestly it
was one of the hardest physical challenges I’ve done. – I think you were ahead,
I mean the second half was a lot harder than
the first cause you were ahead until about half way. – I genuinely, genuinely
thought I was ahead but remember I had to drop
100 meters on the climb. So I thought it would balance out. – You must have done a
lot of walking in that second half. – Yeah (laughs) – Yeah well, I don’t want to
rub it in but I have been here for quite some time. I did 52 minutes. – 52? – Yeah, that is still 20 minutes behind Richie Porte. – 52 minutes? Over 13 K, 3300 feet, sorry
I work in feet not meters. – Right. – That, fair do’s Dan, that is fair do’s. – I am quite pleased, not only with my own performance but with the win today. – Well you’ll be glad to
know, you have totally carved me up. One hour, 26 minutes. – I had a feeling it would be like that. Again, not to rub it in,
I’ve been here quite some time, I’ve been getting cold actually. Anyway, first ever EMBN
versus GCN challenge is a win. – But remember, can I
say one more thing Dan. Remember, revenge is a
dish best served cold. And there will be another
hill, on another day. And I am going to set that challenge. (laughs) – What is it like? Sans alcool. Seriously alcohol. Anyways well done mate, I enjoyed that. – I didn’t, in the slightest. I wouldn’t wish for any body, any body, do not go and do that climb. – Onto the next challenge. – Onto the next challenge. – Which is. – The next challenge is
Dan, going back down. – A race back down to
Madone. You versus me. – A race back down to Madone, yes. But not versus me, I thought it would be rude not to call in the
ten times world downhill champion, Nicholas Vouilloz
to get you against. – I wondered who that was hovering just smartly off camera there. Nice to see you Nicko. – Not this time.