Review: Tern Vektron Electric Bicycle

Hi, I’m Brett Thurber from The New Wheel
Electric Bikes. We are electric bikes specialty store in San Francisco and
Marin County. I’m with the Tern Vektron. This is a brand new bike for us and a
brand new brand for us at The New Wheel. Many people have asked us about folding
electric bicycle. And time and again, we’ve had to say, “You know what? We
haven’t found one that we can really get behind and stand behind and sell
confidently.” That all changes today with the Tern. This bike is the first electric bike that
we feel is going to really succeed in the difficult riding conditions and the
demanding use-cases of the San Francisco Bay Area. Tern considers themself
a urban transportation company. The Tern Vektron encapsulates all that in
a lot of the smart features and component choices that are made to make
this just a really useful bicycle. The bike comes standard with lights,
fenders, a rear rack. The components back on it are also extremely appropriate
and high performance for urban riding. It has hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano.
It has a really nice Shimano Deore Drivetrain, really great Schwalbe Big
Apple tires for comfort and also control. The heart of the electric system
is the Bosch Active Line drive. Now, we think Bosch is a great mid-drive
motor system for a wide range of uses. Climbing hills, it’s fantastic, riding
on a flats. The weight is balanced. It’s a very reliable drive system. The
Active Line system is very smooth in acceleration and gives you great range on
a charge, especially in the lower assist levels. The bike comes standard
with a 400-watt hour battery pack, which is removable, so you can charge on
or off the bike. This bike also comes with the new Bosch Purion display. It’s a
more compact display at your thumb. It allows you to set your assist levels
to see how much charge you have, what speed you’re going, how many
miles you have left per charge. And it’s just nice and compact and out of
the way and works very nicely on a folding bike that you want that has a little
clutter on the handle bars as possible. And then there’s a lot of little smart
features on the bike that just make it useful. It’s got a lot of handhold points.
So if you’re having to carry this upstairs or into apartment or things like this,
the handle bars are very adjustable. You can bring these up and down
to get the positioning just right. The rear rack is rated for the weight
requirements. If you want to put a child seat on the back so you can put a child
seat adapter and plug that right into the back and there’s enough heel clearance. So
this bike actually works really well as a family bike. One thing that we really love
about the Tern Vektron is it’s a folding bike but it’s also a really great,
just regular electric bike. It’s quick handling but not twitchy
because it has a standard wheel base. The Tern Vektron takes all of the
expertise from Tern on the folding bicycle side and combines it with a Bosch drive
system that’s really integrated nicely in the bike. The two together give you a
folding electric bicycle that will exceed your expectations. It’d be very
good as an electric bicycle, it’d be great as a folding bicycle,
and allow you to just do more by bike. You can put it in the back of a car
easily. You can stow up to two in a standard car. You can take it in at the
office instead of having to park it outside. You can bring it on public
transit and roll it right in and out, especially BART in San Francisco. So if
you’re curious, I’d highly encourage you to come in for a test drive. We’ve got the
Tern Vektron available for test drive in both our San Francisco and Marin
County stores. We’ll go out with you, show you how the bike works, get you
familiar with the operation and fold, and you can really test it out and see how
the Tern Vektron can really fit into your life. ♪ [music] ♪