Review: Gazelle Arroyo C8 Elite Electric Bike

– [Brett] Hi, I’m Brett from The New
Wheel, and today, I’m with Rohan, one of our salespeople from San Francisco,
and we are with the Gazelle Arroyo Elite, a brand new electric bicycle
from Royal Dutch Gazelle. So, Rohan, the Arroyo we’ve had in the
lineup for a long time now. What is new on the Arroyo Elite? – [Rohan] Yeah, so a number of things have
changed with the Elite. The first thing that you probably have
noticed, other than the name, adding in the “Elite” in there is that
we’ve moved from a battery that used to be on the rear erect to now being
incorporated into the downtube. And that changes the weight distribution
of the bike, makes the ride feel a little bit more evenly distributed,
and you’ll notice that in the steering. Then, things like the motor,
which you may not have necessarily recognized,
is now the active line plus as opposed to the performance line
on the previous bike. And that has allowed it to be less weight
in the motor because there are less internal components and
a larger chainring. And so, that gives you a quieter
ride on the bike. So, whisper-quiet, riding experience,
which is just excellent for getting around some of the hills. Then, things like smaller touch points,
the lights have side lighting, both on the front and rear fenders,
with lights integrated into the fenders themselves, so that when you’re
being seen from the side, the lights actually show through there. And some of the things that they’ve kept
around that worked really well, the adjustable stem, super adjustable,
if you’ve got multiple people in the family that are going to be riding this
bike, the purion display up there is now more compact. It gets into actually having all the same
functionality just in a smaller form factor. It’s the traditional Dutch bike look here. So, it’s that slight pedal forward,
giving you that upright seated position and all of that with the high handlebars
allows for a very upright ride. And that allows you to look around and be
able to see what’s going rather than being bent down in a more aggressive position. – It’s typically Dutch, I would say,
you’re kind of set back. It’s like riding a couch a little bit. – A little bit, yeah. The pedal forward position,
being able to comfortably touch the ground but also step off the saddle and have full
control over the bike. – I think on the original Arroyo,
it was always a little lighter on the front end. And this probably had a little bit to do
with all the weight being on the back. But when I was riding this bike,
you can notice right away just how much, you know, it’s still very upright,
but it’s much-improved handling. All the Arroyos throughout the years have
had internally geared hubs. Why do you think Gazelle builds this bike
with this sort of drive train setup? – Yeah, so low maintenance really is the
big driver for that. – But the benefit, too, is that you can
shift at any time. Right? – Right, so, come to a stop and you can
change up or down gears depending on where you are in your commute, for sure. – I can see that being…that’s probably a
useful feature, especially if you have a kid sitting on the back and you’re in
urban riding and you just come to a stop and you don’t want to have
to struggle up the hill. – Yeah, yeah. One of the great advantages,
for sure. Yeah. And then, little things like having a
chain guard on there means that you don’t have to worry about
having a different outfit. This is all about having a bike,
that is going to work for you no matter what you’re doing in your life. – It’s like a vehicle. – It’s like a vehicle. Right. – Or it is a vehicle. – And you can lock that up outside and
it’s designed to have a paint job that is going to last time. – Not chip when you put it
up against the bike rack… – Right, exactly. Yeah. So it’s supposed to be there and work for
you as a vehicle should. – Also, it seems, you know,
what you notice in my experience, you’re going down a hill and you’ve got
the stopping power there. Especially if you’re loaded up with
hydraulic brakes, you don’t have to, you know, don’t have to be concerned.
You really… You’re able to stop on a dime. – Yeah. Yeah. So, all of the components work really well
in the San Francisco Bay Area conditions. – If it works in San Francisco,
you can be sure it works everywhere. Can you just go through some of the other
components that they build this bike up with? – Yeah, so, one of the other really nice
things that Gazelle does well on all their bikes is the frame lock or cafe lock. It’s essentially a lock that goes through
the wheel to stop the bike rolling away. It may not be your primary lock and it
shouldn’t be your primary lock in San Francisco, but the police have told
us even that this is one of the biggest reasons that thieves don’t take bikes,
is that they can’t roll away with it if they cut your lock.
So, really useful. They have reasonably
puncture resistant tires. So, great for the San Francisco area. The other really nice thing is
the design of the bike. So, they’ve really gone for the
traditional Dutch bike look as much as they can. And I think that shows through even more
now, with the battery being integrated here, you feel like you don’t
have that extra piece on the back. – I’m impressed by all the welds are,
you know, everything’s polished. Can you speak more on who Gazelle is? – Yeah. So, they’ve been making bikes since 1892,
and they are the Royal Dutch Bicycle Company, and that stamp comes from
the crown and goes to certain companies within an industry. They had, at one point,
thought about taking it offsite out of the country, but it is such an
important piece of their brand to have the Royal Dutch seal, that they kept the
factory where it is. – So, thinking about your customers,
who could you imagine enjoying the new Arroyo Elite? – Yeah.
So, it’s such a great versatile bike. It’s comfortable, it’s upright and has
some great range with the integrated battery now in the active line plus,
which gives you even more distance on a charge. So, anywhere from 25 to up to potentially
90 miles in the best conditions, that it fits a lot of people.
It’s super comfortable. And so, from a sizing standpoint,
I’m looking at somebody that’s probably five-two up to about six-four, six-five. There are three frame sizes, the 46,
the 53 and the 57, so we can fit people to the bike really well. And then, it comes in three colors and
this is Gazelle being a little bit humorous in that they’ve
named this color, Petrol. And then you’ve got a navy blue and the
third color is a silver. It’s a great looking bike. It’s going to be there to do everything
that you need it to do and more. – So, you’re saying it’s sort of the Model
T of e-bikes, it’s a bike for everyone? – Yeah.
– And it’s a bike to share. It seems pretty appealing. – It is.
It’s a really great bike. – So, if this sounds appealing to you,
I’d encourage you to come into our stores. We have the Arroyo Elite in both
San Francisco and Marin. And you can meet Rohan in San Francisco
and we can go out on a test ride with you. So, thank you so much for watching and
we’ll see you around the shop. The New Wheel in 2050. And you’re selling the octa copters and
electric bikes. – With the bike strapped to the bottom. ♪ [music] ♪