Remove a broken bolt using a left handed drill bit

when you come across a broken ball lies you’ve got a few options for getting it out but one of the best ones if it works is to use a left-handed drill bit now normally you drilled in a clockwise direction and the problem with that is you’ve actually tie it in the ball top understood because as the drills cross it into the material it’s actually biased and it’s actually making it harder to get out so if you use a left and a drill bit there’s every chance that when you’re drilling it it will bite into the stalled and it will bring you back out they all so we’re just going to drill the shoes in a left-handed drill bit and unfortunately the other side of God is that which is far too small for that size of bolt bolts I’m hoping that it will bite and it will show you I’ll so use left-handed drill bit to get a a bolt out like this so whether you until the name of your right and the drill who are left on the drill the first thing we need to do is Center punch it and it’s important that you get the center punch mark as close as you can to the center of the store trying to remove if you get it off-center it’s not going to make it easier for when you trying to get it out so we’re roughly in the center there so I’m just going to give that tap so now we’ve got a center punch mark in the center so now we’re going to use the center drill and if you notice in one before that is a center drill and these are perfect for starting it off so I’ll just put that in the drill and I’m just going to drill at where the Marquis and we’re going to use a forward gear so we’re going to drill returning in the correct direction so I’ve now got a nice start of all drilled in the center of that so that’s a standard that and drill not particularly on its core bolt so that will cost in that direction this is a left-handed drill so it works in Reverse so it’ll drill in our direction so I put the drill in the chalk and then I’ve selected Reverse on the drill so we’re now in a reverse here and we’ll start drilling this in Reverse hopefully at some point the drill bit will bite and it will actually pull the stored out of the old as you can see the tool bit actually bits in then and it’s actually removed the stood foils so that’s a useful use of a left-handed drill bit they can come in extremely useful when you to any remove a broken stud the other option would have been to drill that out completely and try and use stud extractor or an easy out as some people call them an important point of these drill bits is to keep them separate from your base and the drill bits because last thing you want is somebody trying to drill to metal the correct we’re using that because all be their old air and then they’ll just blunt in the drill