Rebel Cycle Studio (Official Promo Video)

Being a member of Rebel Cycle means being family, to me The community is amazing and I’ve made so many awesome friends here. I’ve created Rebel Cycle Studio because I never found a place where I felt at home. I always felt different. I felt like exercise in a lot of places
was more about the body than about mind, and to me, exercise was everything about
what it did for my mental health and my emotional health and so I just wanted to see if I created
a space, if other people like me would find it and to see whether or not I was
alone in the world in that I wanted a small place, an intimate place, a place
that felt like community that felt like family, but still had everything that was
awesome about spin class. The loud music, the low lighting, being able to yell and
have every outlet possible in a 60 minute class to sweat, to feel good,
to get that physical benefit but to also know that it really isn’t about
what happens with your body or what you look like or who you are, but it’s just about
what you get out of that moment. Who you meet while you’re there and the community that it’s created. And that’s really what Rebel Cycle
Studio is all about. I choose to exercise at Rebel Cycle
Studio because it is an awesome low-impact form of exercise.
I’m not running and pounding the pavement, I’m in here just making miles