Proper Bike Lock-Up Video with a U-Lock

Hey I am Daryl from Kryptonite. Today I would like to talk about properly locking your bike with a U-lock. A few things to remember before we get
started. First, always lock in a well-lit area. No dark alleys. Second, always lock to a stationary
object that cannot be cut and that you cannot easily remove the
bike from. Third, always lock according to value. First, your number one priority is your frame. Second is your rear wheel and third
your front wheel. Now let’s do this. So first you take your
shackle. You come around and capture the frame and the rear wheel and just connect the crossbar. What you want
I remember is you want to take up as much usable space here in the shackle as possible. So a thief cannot get a tool in there. You also want to make sure the lock is elevated up off the ground with the keyway facing down. Today I’d like to also show you a few more ways to get added security that will include your front wheel. One of the ways is using a double loop cable. What you want to do is run the cable around your front wheel securing it with
the shackle of the u-lock. This gives you additional protection But remember a cable is just a secondary deterrent. It is never to be used in place of the u-lock. and always make sure that the u-lock is
what’s locking to the immovable object Another option for any additional security lock up is to use a mini chain on the front wheel. All you want to do here’s make sure that
you’re locking your frame to the front wheel. Another popular option is for folks
that carry a second u-lock. Again all you want to do here is lock
the frame to the front wheel So let’s recap. Remember always lock in well-lit area. Always lock to a stationary object that can’t be cut and that you can’t lift the bike up and over. And always lock according to value. First priority is the frame. Then the rear wheel, then the front wheel. And remember when you’re locking the bike always keep the lock up off the ground
with the keyway facing down. For more information head on over to Hi my name’s Pete, I’m here today to talk to you about the Kryptonite Evolution Mini 5. The Evolution MIni 5 is rated a 7 out of 10