Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today, new riding session and today we will test this new red Inspired Fourplay, Even if it should not change too much from the green as only the color changes! I should pretty much find my marks on it. Today we are on the skatepark entirely in concrete where I had already ride with the Inspired Hex, we will see what it gives in 24 inches, go! First line, I go right behind me on the tag, I will do : hookup, fakie, nose switch, and I try to go down at the end. Let’s go! Well, it counts as a beginning, but we will do it again! So guys, sorry for this line, I had forgotten that I was bad on noseswitch! So I’m stoke for this one, even if there were some good hops at the end! Let’s go to the next line! Second line that should take a few less tests I hope I ride right behind in manual, I do bunny manual on the kind of quarter behind, I remain in manual all along and I go down in the pebbles just behind! There are days that it doesn’t work as expected So I replaced the bunny up to manual by a up to front to manual with a little pedal kick ( sorry ) The space between the 2 bunny up is really short, it’s super hard to chain the 2 moves we will therefore be satisfied with this one, and we go on another line! As I did not succeed this bunny manual, I take revenge on the one just behind me! I’m going to bunny manual, I go down on the ledge just behind me and I made an exit in 180 with a little pedal kick! Yes it’s past, now we’ll do a line with some tech, I will mount the ledge just behind in the side, I will sidehop 180 and I go back with a tire tap! Let’s go! Yes, it was really close on the tyretap, I have the front almost typing in the other module! but it’s landed so it’s a validated line, we can move on to the next one! We will finish the session with a little line in manual to change … I go up the quarter, I do manual all along, and I go down to the end! We will try this! Yes, line landed, and it’s an end of session! I hope you enjoyed it, I take a lot of fun throughout the session, I am very happy with all these little line, The skatepark is much narrower than in my memorie, it adds a lot of difficulty! I hope you still enjoy it! Feel free to put a like, you can also subscribe on the channel, tell me what you thought of it in the comments just below and we’ll meet again next week for a next video! See you !