Peloton Cycle Bike | Personal Software Review and Get Up-Close!

Hi YouTube, I’m Giselle and today I’m going
to be giving you a closer look at the Peloton Cycle bike software. So if you look here on
your left, you’ll see the “Upcoming Live Classes” and these are all live classes. This means
they are live streamed directly from the studio in New York. What that means is that while
it’s happening in New York, you have the ability to also do the ride on your bike from wherever
you are. So a great thing about that is you are really really motivated to do well. You
can track your metrics. The instructors actually have a tablet on their bike as well and they
can see everyone in the class and see how well they’re doing. So there have been times
when the instructors have called me out and said, “Hey Giselle! Keep it moving. Bring
it! You’re doing good”. It’s really super motivating to know that even if you’re not
in a studio taking the class that they’re still watching and they’re looking out for
you. So I definitely love taking live classes as much as I can. I know a lot of riders also
love doing them as well. So tomorrow is Monday and you can see right here on the left that
there is a 5am class and this is local my time. I’m Central time. This is actually being
broadcast from New York City so in New York it’s actually at 6. You can see right here
56 people have “counted themselves in”. What that means is that if you press right here
on the ride, “Count Me In” it will let you know that “You’re In” and you will get a notification
via email 15 minutes before your ride – a reminder to let you know that “Hey” you counted
yourself in / RSVP’d for this class so make sure you go! If you look right here you can
see the rest of the classes for tomorrow. Not all of them, but most of them. You’ll
see there are metrics rides, there are a few themed rides and rhythm rides. A quick break
down of the different types of rides….Metrics being very popular, I think the most popular….are
a blend of all different types of music. You will see it varies a lot per instructor much
like any cycle studio you may have been to. Just a little bit of this and a little bit
of that. What they do (the instructors) they really focus on calling out the resistance
you should be at, how fast you should be going, and so with that you’re able to determine
how hard you’re going to push yourself and how…maybe you’re going faster in the ride
with a little resistance or vice versa but they really help to guide you and how your
ride is going. So maybe you’re going up hills or maybe you’re on a flat road but going a
little bit faster….So the instructors will help guide you and will call out the resistance
and speed and everything like that. The great thing about it…and I will show you in a
minute…when you’re taking a ride you can see all of your metrics on the bottom. Exactly
where you’re at so you have a really good sense of how hard you’re pushing yourself.
The rhythm rides follow the rhythm of the music. There’s a few theme rides right here
you’ll see “West Coast Crew”, “Throwback Jams”, and the “Hip Hop” ride which is very popular
ride on Monday. These are just themed based on certain music varieties or artists. On
the right over here you will see featured “On-Demand” rides. This is just segmenting
rides that have been previously done and you can take them basically at any time you want.
These are all pre-recorded and…let’s see…”Peloton Picks” are some of the favorites from Peloton
and they update them pretty frequently and also based I think on feedback from the riders.
There’s “Fan Favorites” and “Bookmarked”. If you see classes on-demand that you want
to take you can bookmark them and come back to them later or if there’s a class that you
took and you want to take it again to see how far you’ve come or race yourself you can
do that as well. I like to keep some of those bookmarked. If you’ve made any friends or
have friends that own the bike through the community or through friends that you’ve referred
to buy the bike you can see rides that they’ve taken and take them as well. There are popular
theme rides. See there’s “80’s Dance”, there’s “South by South West”, there’s a “Classic
Rock ride”, there’s the “Turkey Burn” which was a really really good Thanksgiving ride
they had a few months back…There’s Motown and Lady Gaga. There are tons! There are thousands
and thousands of rides and options. There are popular DJ rides. They have a resident
DJ that does a few rides every week and they are really super awesome and engaging. It’s
just awesome to see DJ Michael and all of the instructors just dance and bring it. They
get you pumped. They’re always really really amazing rides. There are climbs that specifically
help you to build up your endurance or push yourself very hard. “Recovery Rides”. There
are rides that good for beginners. So if you’re worried about where you’re at when you buy
the bike or you’re afraid that you won’t be able to jump into any of the other rides you
can start off slow with a large variety of rides just for beginners. There are quick
workouts and these are anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. So if you have a limited amount
of time during the day and you need to get a quick workout in you have a variety there.
“Challenging rides”. “Beyond the Ride”, which is focusing on different body parts like arms
and stretches….Let’s see what else they have…looks like arms and stretches….Full
body warm up. Then they have the “Best of” all of the different instructors. So I’m going
to take you right here to the top so you can see more of the On-Demand. We are here and
right now it’s filtered so that you can actually see all of the rides and you’ll just see them….they
get added everyday and there’s usually like maybe 8-10 rides per day and they just all
get added within about 12-24 hours. You’ll see it just lists them all out. You can add
filters to find certain instructors or certain ride lengths. So you’ll see 10 all the way
up to 120 minute rides. You can also do ride types. If you’re looking for certain rides,
maybe Theme rides. We have “Pop Ballads”, “Rock & Hip-Hop”, “Revenge Ride”, “Hot 100”.
The 100 rides they have every week so you can hear the latest songs that are really
hot right now. “Road to Ironman” ride…Nicole is actually going to be doing an Ironman so
she is doing classes specifically for training for really heavy endurance. There is “History
of House”, “Diva Series”, “Percussion”…There are just tons and tons of rides…”Boomer”…Spanish,
they are a few Spanish rides. “Rock-and-Roll”, “Indie and Alternative”…It just goes on
and on…and totally theme rides there are 874. Total rides there are over 3000. I think
there’s probably 3600 at this point. There’s just a huge variety for anyone and everyone.
Again, you can go to the left right here and find any of your favorite instructors. They
have partnerships with Team Garmin-Sharp so there are pro-cyclists that will come into
the studio and do some really great rides. There’s always a variety of options for you
depending on what you’re looking to do. If you’re looking to lose weight, if you’re looking
to gain muscle, build up your endurance, if you’re training for a marathon there are a
ton of different people that have different things that they’re trying to accomplish and
the bike helps them. They also have “Scenic Rides”. Which are rides where you can go out
an do a ride in the wilderness or out in a realistic place so they recorded this ride
in New Zealand. So you’ll see it’s loading right now – it’s loading up the ride. If I
start now…I’ll give you an overview. On the bottom right you’ll see your distance
– as you’re riding you’ll see this number go up. It tracks your miles and then also
the speed. Your miles per hour that you’re going. You’ll also see your cadence which
is your RPM or rotations per minute. Your output in watts and you can see this fluctuate
as you’re riding. Your resistance is how heavy the resistance is on your bike so if you’re
riding with an instructor they will usually call out the resistance that you should be
at. Then there’s your calories burned. This is right here all the way on the right. You
can track throughout the ride how many calories you’re burning. On the top left you’ll see
how many minutes you have left in your ride and on the right you’ll actually see the leaderboard
that shows where other people are in the ride. You’re basically challenging yourself and
then also challenging them. If you’re in a live ride you can see and race them. If you’re
not in a live ride you can still race other people, you would just see them as pre-recorded.
It’s in a database and you can race them as the ride goes on. Keep yourself on your toes.
So know I’ll show you one of the regular metrics rides…Let’s see. What is one of my favorites?
I’ll do one of the ones that I’ve done before. Here’s a Britney Spears ride. This was done
a few months ago I think…Oh yeah, back in December. This was a ride that focused totally
on Britney Spears…one of my favorite artists. Definitely if you like to dance, this is the
perfect ride. It takes a couple of seconds to load up. Right here you’ll see Cody. The
ride is about to start you can see we have 30 seconds before the ride actually starts.
That’s a countdown basically when you have time to clip in to your bike. So perhaps you’re
not interested in seeing how long you have left in your ride or you don’t want to see
the output, resistance or any of that…you want to just focus on your ride. If you double
tap that will all go away. If you only want certain things, if you tap again…sorry,
I never do this…If you tap again you can hide certain things. So usually I’ll hide
my distance, I’ll hide my cadence, output and actually the main leaderboard with all
of the riders and I’ll really just focus on my resistance. I even hide the countdown because
I don’t really want to focus on the time…I really just want to focus on the ride. So
I’ll really just focus on my resistance and what the instructor is saying and then that’s
basically how I’ll ride my rides. But it’s honestly all about you. It’s all about your
preferences. It’s all about how YOU want to make your ride. Sometimes maybe you’re more
competitive. Fine. Great! You’re able to bring out the leaderboard and maybe this makes you
try harder and then your racing the people above you or below you. Making sure that you’ll
beat the person above you and make sure those people stay behind me. So you can see on the
right, the leaderboard is constantly moving. So I hope you enjoyed this video and please
let me know if you have any questions about the bike, the bike subscription and my experience…anything
like that in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I hope to make more
videos about the Peloton so you can also send your suggestions in the comments as well.
Have a good day!