Park Tool Home Mechanics Tool + Accessory Bundle | EMBN Unboxing

– We all know how important that maintenance on your e-bike is. That’s why the nice guys at Park Tool are giving away this massive tool kit, and a set of gloves and an apron as well. Gonna take a look through
this tool box in a minute, but keep watching till the
end to make sure you guys know how you can will all
this amazing stuff from Park. (synthesized music) Okay so let’s take a look
inside the AK-3 tool box. Forty professional level tools in here. First up, we got a nice
Shimano style cartridge bottom bracket removal tool, for that older style bottom bracket we’ve got that in there. A set of tire levers as well, real good bit of kit for removing those stubborn tires on the e-bikes. A set of Master Link or Quick Link pliers. These are really cool, making that quick link removal
a doddle on your e-bike. Clip them in, clip, and
it just comes undone. No more of that twisting that chain. Honestly, now working on your e-bike is going to be thirsty work as well, so you’ve got that bottle opener in there, if you wanna have a beer. Don’t suggest drinking too much when you’re working on your e-bike though. A decent set of cone
spanners in here as well, a few different sizes, more for like the older
style Shimano stuff. They still use cones for adjusting the bearings on the wheels, so a decent set of cone spanners there. We’ve got a chain ring nut wrench in here, so it’s for the back of
those chain ring bolts, little tab you just slot that in, just stops that chain ring bolt trying to spin whilst
you’re trying to do it, can be a nightmare without
the right tool as well. Bolt keys in here for the
most common sizes as well just to keep that wheel
tension up if you get buckled wheel, couple
of different ones there. Nice three-way torque key here as well, seen a lot more torque bolts on a lot of the components on your e-bike as well, so nice torque key there. We’ve got a freewheel removal tool here. We got a cassette remove tool as well. Nice tape measure for
all those important parts you’re gonna measure on your e-bike, shock lengths, handlebar widths, top tube lengths, you name it, tape measures are always a good one to have in your tool box. Nice crank tool here as well for removing those
threaded cranks you know, if you’re changing sprocket sizes, things like that, good bit
of kit to have as well. Emergency tire boots, so
if you slash that tire out on the trail you can
just stick one of those in. It means that all tube sealant isn’t gonna fire out all over the trail. Good to stick in your riding pack. Pre-glued patches here as well. So if you are running tubes, you can just stick that
straight on your tube, fix that puncture without messing
around with loads of glue, getting your hands all sticky. Underneath, let’s get in to that. This is a chain checker
for your e-bike as well. Chain stretch can be quite a common thing on the e-bikes as well. A lot of power are
going through that chain so keeping an eye on that chain stretch means when you’re gonna need to replace that chain, cassette, things like that. So that’s a nice little tool. Talking of chains, we got
the cyclone chain cleaner. So this thing, obviously you just fill with your degreaser or
chain cleaner in there, peddle the bike around, that thing is just gonna clean your chain. Really good one to do after every ride. Nice tool that is. Here I’ve got the chain whip, obviously for when you’re
removing that cassette. Just stops that cassette
spinning back around whilst you’re trying to do that lockring. So that’s a nice one. Different sets of screw drivers here for adjusting those rear mechs. Phillips, and a flat-head one. This is an essential part
of anyone’s tool kit, a decent set of cable
cutters or hose cutters makes cutting those hoses,
cables a real nice job. You’re not messing
around with frayed cables and things like that. I love my cable cutters. Decent set of Allen
keys as well is a must. Long reach ball ended as well, so you can get into those
hard to reach areas, especially on those e-bikes, things can be tucked away
quite hard to reach there. Decent adjustable wrench
or spanner as well. It can be used for a
multiple wide range of uses on your e-bike and doing
that cassette, chain whip, things like that, so
a nice heavy duty one. That goes all the way
up to 30 mil or 35 mil, so a big reach on that as well. Peddle spanner. We all
have had those pedal, too hard to get peddles off your e-bike. Big peddle spanner with a lot of leverage, nice comfy handle, makes
that job 10 times easier. We’ve got a decent
chain tool here as well. Obviously when it comes
to splitting that chain or replacing that chain on your new bike, cutting it down to size,
decent chain tool is gonna make light work of
splitting those chains. Bottom bracket. So this is more for your Shimano
style as well external cup. So this obviously slots straight on, you’ve got the little tool on the end from doing that pre-load ring as well on the Shimano style cranks. Nice comfortable handle on there. Looks as though we’ve
got a couple of things for cleaning that bike as well, decent soft brush for doing your frame, getting in those hard to reach places. Nice little brush there, and we’ve got this one as well for cleaning the cassette out. You’ve got a nice scraper on there, for getting that hard to reach stuff out. And a nice stiff brush there as well. So Park really looking after
you with this tool kit. Wide range of tools for
everything from cleaning, to the hardest workshop jobs as well. We’ve got every single
tool in this toolbox that you’re gonna need. We all know that working on that e-bike can be pretty dirty business too, so the nice guys at Park have sent us in an apron for working on that e-bike. Lots of different pockets on
there to keep your tools in. Fully adjustable as well. Let’s talk a little bit about these awesome gloves from Park as well. Some cool features on here, we’ve got soft touch fingers so meaning you can use your phone
whilst wearing them. We’ve also got a nice soft terry wipe brow on there for those sweaty moments, be it in the workshop or on the trail too. Nice set of gloves. If you guys want to be in with
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