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– Wow, the Focus Sam Squared, what an incredible looking bike. Now this particular bike belongs to Olly Wilkins and we’re gonna have a look at some of the detail, because this bike gets
one hell of a hammering. (slow hip hop music) Okay, let’s start off with some of the big picture numbers on this bike. Travel-wise, it’s got 170 mil travel front and rear. The frame is made out of alloy and in both the front triangle and on the swinging arm. Looking at the figures on this bike, Olly rides a size large, and that means it’s got a 455 mil reach, 455 mil chain stay as well, the wheel base is 1240, and the bottom bracket drop about minus 12. So that means that bike is really gonna corner well, because of that low bottom bracket height. Okay, so what else have we got? Well, we’ve got a 65 degree head angle, and a 75 degree seat angle, which means that bike is gonna be great on climbing and descending. Of course now the key part of this bike is the heart, and we’ve got a Shimano E8000
Steps motor on this bike. And it’s really compact, which means that Focus have been able to make a real classic
170 geometry to this bike, with no compromises. Battery wise we’re looking
at 378 internal unit here. Look how neat that is amazing. But Olly’s got the option
of bolting on an extra 378 watt-hour battery on top to give him a really good range to this
bike. I mean he could be out all day with two batteries. Suspension wise he’s got some
custom units on this bike. X Fusion Sweep up front
which is 170 mil travel, he’s got compression and rebound adjust, and yeah it’s a custom tubed unit. On the back here, we have an O2 Pro RCX and this bike is actually
quite linear in its nature but Olly’s got a custom tune on it to give him a bit more support when he’s hitting those big booters? Booters I guess. Right the wheels are Wilkins specials. We’ve got Reynolds TR36 E, so these a prototype E-bike wheels, which means they’re
really strong and robust and they can deal with the extra power that motor’s putting through the cranks. And through the back cassette there. So Olly tells me that there’s
five individual bearings in this hub and 36 points of contact which means it’s really quick engaging. But crucially it’s really robust. 36 mil internal width on this carbon rim. 32 spokes both front and back. Now shod to this custom wheel set some Kenda Honey Badger tires. They obviously soft
compounds ’cause Wilkins does a little bit of descending. Pretty much like a down hill tire but they’re rated at above
50 kilometers an hour. But we’ll have a chat with Olly about that a little bit later. Chain set wise we’ve got a Shimano cranked at 100 cent will travel. I’m sure he’ll be swapping
those out to kind of 165s in the future. I have no doubt. And then we’ve got
Shram EX one drive chain so that’s eight speed. Heading onto the brakes. I’m quite surprised that Olly’s actually got a 180 rope in the
back but then again I guess he doesn’t do much breaking anyway. And upfront is a 200 mil rotor. Now Olly’s actually using a Shram code RSC brakes which have got a ton of power. So that’s gonna definitely anchor him up when he’s come up 30 foot in the air. So yeah good breaking system on this bike. Olly’s got a DMR Wing bar up front measuring 780 millimeters and that’s alloy. Along with the defy 35 millimeter stem. Now I’m gonna go into the kind of setup of his bike up front when I
have a chat with Olly later. But Olly’s got some of his colleagues finishing parts such as
the death grips grips. And the DMR Vault pedals. And here he is. The man himself, Oliver Wilkins. Oliver Wilkins. – Yeah that’ll do yah. – What’s your middle name Olly? – Michael. – Oliver Michael Wilkins. – After MIchael Jordan. – Right okay Olly 170
mil travel all action. I forgot to mention a few critical points in this bike. I mean I went
through all the boring detail. – Yeah.
– Is it boring detail? – No I don’t think so you made it slightly exciting.
– Okay. It’s good let’s go into super
boring detail. Seat post. – Yes.
– What we’ve got? – We got X fusion manic it’s 150 millimeters of drop. – And what you got on top there?
– That’s a stage one saddle by DMR.
– Right. Okay now what I forgot to
mention earlier is look at these shrouds here which the kind of internal
cable routing goes through that’s a super nice touch. – That’s cool isn’t yeah. – So do you want to tell
us why they’re there? – So they’re actually, they’re air scoops as well. Scoops because the battery’s internal to the frame. – Keep it cool. – That’s right yeah. – Olly well you must have been excited to get a hold of this bike right? – Big time yeah big time. I’d been on the 140 for a year now which is like the 29 version. The jam squared.
– Yeah yeah yeah. – And yeah I was super excited to get on the big mountain version. – So tell us what you do on this bike. – So this bike is quite
a stressful bike for me ’cause it basically. – Stressful.
(laughing) – Yeah it basically means I’m going out on a training ride. – Yeah.
– With world cup racers. – So these are your friends in high places right?
– That’s right yeah. For me they don’t want me.
– Such as? – They probably don’t
want me name dropping the E-bike bike riders.
– Well maybe then we won’t bring it up then.
Why are they so prescious about not saying they’re E-bike riders? – I don’t know I’m only messing with you. It’s Brendan and Bernard basically. – There you go.
– Yeah. – So tell us about these rides. High intensity runs in turbo mode right? – That’s right yeah we do the whole ride in turbo mode and it’s basically like it’s basically built around
the length of a battery. – Right. – So we do a full battery and they’re not very social rides. We don’t really talk
we’re doing race runs. – High heart rate?
– That’s right we’re not stopping.
– Loads of watts through the cranks? – Yeah yeah I mean they’re honestly some of the most intense
rides I’ve been on. – And you do know your
training rides right? – Sorry? – And you do know your
training rides right? – Oh man yeah big time, big time. – So tell us kind of roughly what rort of run you’d be
doing? You’d be doing what 3,000 feet and six runs because you’d be in the Surrey hills or what? – Yeah in Surrey hills I can’t think of what it would be. Basically we’re doing kind
of like minute long descents but we’re doing them
straight into the climbs So the climbs are let’s
say seven to ten minutes. – Yeah.
– A minute long descent. – But then no stopping in between. – Right. – And turbo the whole time. – Now let’s talk about some
of the details on this bike because like as you said
high intensity rides which means the components on this bike are gonna be pretty tough. So this wheel set is quite interesting. It’s a prototype wheel set but it’s an E-bike wheel set right. – Yeah that’s right yeah. It’s E-bike specific which sounds you know.
– Well there’s not many E-bikes specific wheels
out there to be honest. – No that’s it.
– Its great that people are doing them. – Yeah to right because think of the amount of extra power that you’re putting through the hub. – Yeah. – It seems ridiculous that we get away with it on others really yeah. – Plus you’re gonna be coming
in from 30 foot upright. – Yeah yeah we’ve got some jumpy trails. – Highly likely?
– Yeah we got a lot of jumpy trails. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Are E-bikes made for jumping
those kind of distances? – Oh I don’t have a problem do you know I would
rather ride a massive jump on my E-bike than my normal bike. This is so stable. – Yeah yeah yeah. – You know. – What kind of distance are we talking? – I don’t know. Let’s get it going. Another video Steve, we’ve got to stave ’em. – I love this button here that’s a nice touch isn’t it. – Yeah it’s cool isn’t it yeah. – Cool ah, suspension this bike is
actually quite linear out of the box. Custom units right from X fusion. – Yeah that’s right. I wanted to keep the
suspension the same tune as I ride on my normal bike which obviously I ride the most. – Yeah yeah. – However that said. I move around loads on my normal bike. I do little gaps, hops, this and that. On this it’s kind of set my suspension up way more functional. I sit way further into the sag. And yeah I really run this bike like my race bike which is kind of stupid. I don’t race but this is
the stress bike this one. – I want you to remember this bike, we weighed this bike earlier it came in at 21.4 kilograms. So its actually one of the
lightest E-bikes out there. So I can imagine it’s quite maneuverable. Especially those light
weight carbon wheels as well. So thanks for joining us. If you want to see any
more videos on E-bikes particularly down hill versus E-bike click up here. And one we recently did on uplift versus E-bike it’s a classic. Get to watch that one down there. Don’t forget you can like, share and subscribe to EMBN.