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– Pedals, droppers, warranty and rims. – It can only be one thing
and that’s the Ask EMBN Show. – Topsey Kretts, clip less or flat pedals? (shushes) – Is it– – Listen – More of a … – Oh you go first. – More of a personal
opinion or what is best? You know personally,
I just use flat pedals for 95 percent of my riding. Occasionally, I’ll stick a set of clips on if I’m riding a long distance
or more cross country, just pure cross country miles. – Topsey, I think it depends on the type of terrain you ride. Also, I think the climate
comes into it as well, ’cause I, we tend to slide around a lot in the northern hemisphere, especially between October and April, and I’ve been riding flat
pedals for a long time. However, last February we went to France and rode with double World
Downhill Champion, Fabien Barel. And I was convinced that flat
pedals were the best thing for e-bikes until went riding with Fabien. And he went up the most ridiculous climbs, with clipped-in pedals
and I can see that that is that split second where you can get that little bit more out of the motor. I think it’s possible to do slightly more technical things on clips. – I’d agree but I think you definitely need to be that higher
skilled level rider. You know Fabien’s obviously
a high level professional. I think as a beginner,
if you’re starting off on an e-bike, I would
probably err towards flats. I mean you can get away from
it, you can stick a foot down. I think to be a good clipped-in rider, you really need to be quite a high level– – Really? – Of riding. Yeah, I think especially on an e-bike, I do more flats. – Interesting, but do
you know another thing? It’s a big topic, actually
’cause I was speaking to the Don, Don’s our colleague on GMBN, and I’ve been quite a lot of tension in my hamstrings and apparently if you ride flat a lot of the time, and we do ride flat a lot of the time, you do tend to cramp
up there a little bit, so I’ve got to constantly stretch out my hamstrings if
you’re riding flat pedals. – I don’t think it’s
quite such a big thing on an e-bike as it is
on a normal trail bike. A lot of people ride clipped-in purely for keeping that cadence nice and smooth and the power output but I think on the e-bike, obviously with the motor, I don’t think it’s such an essential bit of kit in my eyes. – Chris, we could go
’round in circles all day. In the meantime, Chris,
Andy Sintes is asking, “Hi guys, what is the height difference “between a 27.5+ 2.8
and a 29 by 2.35 tire? “Not much maybe so roll
over would be very similar “but would have better side
wall stability on the 29.” Now that really depends, ultimately, on what tire you are using, whether you’re using
a downhill casing tire or a cross-country casing tire so you know what will weight there, you could be having a 1.5 kilo tire work, versus a 800 gram tire. – Yep. – Ultimately the roll over on both tires is actually pretty good, but I think you might find that if you’re in really worn out trail center
terrain, where a lot of the finer material has been washed out, then that big 27.5 2.8
tire actually goes over the square edges a little bit easier than a lower profile 29 tire. At the same time, a 29 inch tire in the mud in slippery conditions
is absolutely incredible. What are your thoughts Chris? – [Chris] I think the sidewall
stability, definitely on the bigger plus tires is
something I know a lot more, especially on the softer
tire pressures, you know, kind of like the more
recommended low tire pressures. You get a lot more flex
in those sidewalls I think with the 29 it offers you a
skinnier tire to start with. Less tall isn’t as prone to
tire flex in the berms, so– – At the same time, I
just want to add to this is that on the rear of an
e-bike it’s really good to have 227.5 2.8 tire, unless, of course, you’ve got a really good angular 29 tire. But, if you see more about e-bike tires, then I’ve done a pretty in depth video about just that topic. More talk, increased use,
and heavier weights mean that we need more
stability, more durability, puncture protection, and of
course grip on our e-bike tires. Though, how on earth do you
choose what type of tire to get? This is our fundamentals into tire choice. We’re gonna cover everything
from width, tire compound, tread pattern, weight and much, much more. – Do you have and suggestions for a good quality, not super bike quality, dual suspension e-bike for my wife? She’s only 146 centimeters tall and currently rides a Merida Juliet 7.100 in extra small size even though
that is a bit big for her. Any ideas would be appreciated. – Yeah, hi Connor. I think good quality
and super bike quality is probably different
when you measure e-bikes to when you measure, like,
classic mountain bikes, because performance is
measured in such things as range, liability, rather than, saving a couple hundred grams here and there or having carbon fiber. But, yeah– Wow, so, that height– 146 centimeters, now I
do know someone who’s that very same height and
rides a small specialized Levo. So, I think she wouldn’t
have a problem with that. However, I would say that
in terms of what bikes are available, now Canyon do
a really good women specific e-bike Spectral:ON. They also
do the non-women specific if your wife might prefer a standard, all around bike. My
wife rides that as well. Vitus do a really good bike
at just over 3000 pounds. So, there’s quite a few bikes out there. Cube do them. I think the
lower end specialize– – Yeah, Haibike as well. – Yeah, Haibike’s have
got a massive range. You best just go for the
size small or extra small. I think for the reach she should look at the reach numbers on these bikes. Down around, I’m thinking
about 420 millimeter reach. – Yeah, a lot of these
manufactures, on their websites, will actually have a geometry part of the website where you can look– – Recommended sizing. – Yeah, measure those sort of seat tubes. Main thing, when your measuring a bike is going to be that seat tube height and the reach as well. Just have a look at those figures and make sure
they all look pretty good. – I also think, Connor, maybe
you go into your bike shop and get on a size small
or extra small bike and get the people in the
shop to roll the bars back, put the seat forward, so
you can get a better idea on just how the fit is on that e-bike. And remember fit is something
you can change on a bike. – Kay, so we got this one in
from Alex Kurkin Ask EMBN, “How did you film the
rock? Did you have to take “a few passes to get different
angles? Did you break “it down into sections
to take shots from above “and following versus
regular camera shots?” – We can’t give
information like that away. – “Super interested to
learn about your process.” – Can’t give information like that away. – So, those videos are
pretty hard to make, you know, me and Steve
might do multiple shots on things, multiple takes– – So you are going to
give away the information. – Yeah, especially when you make a mistake and slide off and slip a pedal. – [Steve] But there was no sliding off in the making of the rock. – [Chris] If we got it wrong on the rock, it pretty much would be game over. – [Steve] So, we had to
get it right, basically. – [Chris] Definitely, yeah. We had a separate drone
operator, camera man, four Gimbals, multiple shoots and not attempts, but shots, basically. – Plus the other thing
is you have to deal with the banter between everyone in the group. – That’s a big part,
you enjoy that, right? – Right. Have a check out
the rock video down here. Was a great day out. The rock. A real mountain
rock face challenge. (heavy metal music) Woah, the exposure to my left is insane. (screams) (heavy metal music) This is from Cleber
Tonus, or Cleber Tonus, or Tonus Cleber, sorry.
Apologies for that. “Have you guys experienced the app Blevo? “Besides managing the level
of support called into “it’s cardiovascular and muscular fitness, “it manages in three dynamic levels, “generating a pedaling closer to that of “a muscular bike and
consuming much less battery. “It has a completissimo
and customizable panel. “It generates statistics of everything “and exports the roots
to the straw of a top. “You should try.” Whoa, cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Chris, that’s your completissimo,
that’s your department. – Definitely sounds just up my street. – I have not tried the app Blevo. However, I do know that Chris Smith has. – Yeah, I do use Blevo now
and again on my Kenevo. It’s a pretty good app
and you can adjust that all the way down, but
it’s pretty similar to the Mission Control app.
It’s obviously quite easy. Where if you want to de restrict that bike you can just swipe it
and totally change that. – But why would you de
restrict your bike? Big jumps? – If you wanted to ride,
maybe some big jumps, limited run up, things like that. Or if you were just riding on private land on flat tracts of– – How does that affect the
warranty on your Kenevo? – I believe it invalidates the warranty, but I’m not 100 percent clear on that, but it’s up to you. You know, you guys, if you want to run that stuff. – I’d rather keep my Kenevo. – It is a good app, but yeah. – Moving on. To Sarah
Dobb. “Hi, I have only “been mountain biking for four weeks “and had my first crash
nearly three week ago “and I’m now nursing a
chipped bone in my elbow. “Do you have any recovery suggestions?” – Elbows, yeah. I’ve
broke the radial head off my elbow, so one of the
big bones in the radius. So that’s floating around.
Had that screwed back on. Probably one of the nastiest crashes, the worst injuries I’ve had is, because the elbow isn’t
just a bending joint, it actually is rotational as well. So when you spin that it
actually spins around. It’s a really hard one
to get moving again. Best advice for me was
to actually go swimming, so you got non weight bearing and a lot of just resistance training without– – What about physio stretch bands? – Yeah, physio stretch bands and swimming. That’s the best way to get
around any sort of elbow– – No, e-biking though? – Maybe gently e-bike riding. – Gently e-biking. Okay, this from Fluflo.
Fluflo? Fluflo. Floflu. “Hi guys, great show–”
Thank you very much, “What do you think about
the specialized Roval rims? “I’ve got a Kenevo and
did damage both them “many times. Which kind of rims “are better for rocky trails? “I live in North Garter Lake, you know “of the area and the rocks there.” Garter, that’s a pretty
brutal place for rims. Now, in a way you almost, rims and wheels, you almost need to have them custom built depending on where you ride and your weight and your riding style, but yeah, your right. Garter, what’s that crazy one on the
east side of the lake? Its absolutely mental. I
don’t know what its called, but its brutal on bikes.
When it comes to Roval, are you talking carbon fiber? Are you talking alloy on those rims? If you get back to us on
that, we can answer you. But I think on e-bikes
we tend to ride mostly on alloy rims because of
the slightly heavier weight that Chris is carrying about with him. And, yeah, but like loads
of companies do them. Obviously, like you say,
Roval do good wheels. DT Swiss have a great
range, Mavic, Stan’s. But how about checking out the 24 hole specialized Roval wheel. That could be a good option for you to get more sort of flex in the frontsies. It’s a far softer ride amongst those brutal limestone Garter rocks. – Just got this one in from Ian Webster. – Ah, the weber. – Ask EMB– – What you laughing at? – “I’m looking at a 2019 Levo FSR “in aluminum, but I’ve seen an offer on “a 2018 Levo Comp Carbon
for the same price. “Which should I go for?” – Oh yeah, nice choice to have. – It is. – I think we can remember, Ian, is that the 2018 is 135 month travel, whereas the 2019 is 150. Obviously know, but the 2019 does the 29 inch wheels, 2018, 27.5. – Battery size? What
are we talking on about the same battery size? – Battery size, yeah
obviously you got 700 watt there on the new specialized bikes, but I think what’s quite critical here is that, depends how tall you are. I think if you’re a taller rider the new Levos are slightly bigger in range so you can get a bike that fits you better. If you like, over six foot. When it comes to alloy versus carbon, I wouldn’t worry too much about that because the performance on an e-bike, maybe you should be going for the bigger battery rather
than the carbon fiber. But, yeah, I’d think about sizing before anything, first and foremost. – We’ve actually done a
video on the new Levo. – Yep. – Check it out here. – It’s a good one. (rock music) – And finally, it’s Tomy Boy, Tomy Boy. “If I wouldn’t ride the
bike during the winter, “what is recommended? Fully charge “the battery to 100
percent, or just leave it “at around 40 percent? And
would be best to unplug “the battery or leave it
plugged into the bike?” – I think your answer for that one is best to leave it between 60
to 70 percent charged. Just try to bring it inside if possible. Batteries don’t like extreme temperatures, especially the cold or extreme heat. Bring it inside somewhere nice cool and quiet, like it’s a battery, like a nice temperature
around 20 degrees Celsius is a really good
temperature to keep them at. When it comes to leaving it plugged in, it is not a good idea because that battery charger could malfunction or overheat, you know.
It’s not a good idea. Very nice tip for charging them is just actually buy a wall timer so you can plug that into a socket, leave it to charge for four or five hours and then it will turn off if you are going to leave it plugged in. But best to remove it, bring it inside the house. Nice and safe. – Wow, wise, wise words
from Christopher Smith. So that’s it guys, thanks so much for sending your questions in. We really look forward every week to answer, or attempting to answer some of the questions you send in. Now, remember it’s a two way thing, so if you think you can add to the conversation, please do leave your comments down below. In the meantime, if you want to be inspired, check out this video with double World Downhill
Champion, Fabien Barel. Which, he’s riding clips
and I’m riding flats down in south France. Absolutely awesome. – And one of the questions
in this weeks show was about the rock. Be sure to check that one out if you haven’t
had a chance to see that. A real epic climb that
me and Steve did up in the middle of North
Wales. Really cool one. Don’t forget to– – You can like, can you subscribe. – Yeah, like and subscribe. Don’t forget, if you got any questions hashtag Ask EMBN. Drop it in the comments, we’ll get back to you on next weeks show.