Off Road Wheelchair Test – Can it climb a mountain?

[Zack] That’s doing so good! [Music playing] This is round…what is this, our second test
of this? [Cambry] Yeah. [Zack] This is round two. We’re taking it up a mile long, almost straight
up mountain trail to the “Y” here in Provo Utah. [Phone ringing] You want to get that? [Laughing] I’ve let some of the air out of the tires
so it puts more surface area on the ground, because sometimes if there’s too much air
in the tire, the tire’s too firm and it spins out on the gravel. Alright. You ready? [Cambry] Yeah, let’s do this. Let’s get started. [Snap] [Intro] So here in Provo Utah, there’s thing called
a “Y” that’s like impossible to miss on the side of the mountain. Like the size of a football field, and it’s
just covered in cement. And it’s normally not wheelchair accessible…except
for the one we built. [Zack] Cambry, have you ever been up here
before? [Cambry] No, I’ve never seen this view. [Zack] First time? [Cambry] Yeah, it’s the first time, and I
even went to BYU and I never hiked the “Y”. [Zack] Glad to be apart of your first. [Cambry] Oh my gosh! Okay…I’m looking at…that is disgusting. [Zack] That is the biggest spider I’ve seen
in a while. [Cambry] I can’t….no. [Zack] That’s doing so good. So I might need to let the air out a little
bit more so then it gets more traction on the gravel too. But so far, so good. [Cambry] There’s a creepy tarantula down that
way. I think it’s out of the trail. It freaked me out. No…it was big. [Zack] Are you saying how slow people are
on the trail? [Cambry] Yes. A lot of us are really slow. [Zack] Maybe because they don’t have 4 wheels. She’s not very good at going slow. She said that everyone with legs is walking
way too slow for her. Little bit of a speed demon. I let more air out of the tires so it should
get more traction. We’re halfway there. It’s a little bit of a steeper part. Let’s see if she can make it. So because of the gravel-ness of it, if she
does start to spin out and slip backwards, I still have to be relatively close by so
I can grab her, which is fine, but there are a couple more changes safety-wise we could
probably make on the wheelchair before people take it up mountains. It’s probably just better flat all-terrain
if you know what I mean. [Random guy] Is this electric? [Cambry] Yes. They are 2 e-bikes put together. [Random woman] That is amazing. I love that. [Cambry] Thanks. It’s fun. [Random woman] Keep it going. This is awesome. [Zack] Starting in 1907, I believe, is when
they started building this Y. And they had something called a Bucket Brigade,
which they would bring buckets of white paint up to the Y so they could paint it white. Nowadays it’s painted by, you know, the BYU
employees. But this might be a good way to bring up paint. [Cambry] It’s one of a kind. [Random guy] How much? [Cambry] Uh, I don’t know. We made it. [Random guys] You made it? [Cambry] Yeah, it’s 2 e-bikes welded together. [Zack] Turn 8. How many turns were there? [Cambry] 10. [Zack] We’re getting close then, right? Looks pretty level. Let’s do it. [Random person] That’s amazing. [Cambry] I find it amazing. I’m in a wheelchair so this is way more off-roading
than anything I’ve done. [Random person] I grew up with a father in
a wheelchair. [Cambry] Okay. [Random person] So that’s amazing. [Cambry] Great. Yeah, it’s been pretty awesome so far. [Random person] I respect you. [Cambry] Thanks! [Zack] Alright Cambry, we’re almost to the
top. Any last words? [Cambry] We’re doing it. For all you doubters! [Zack] First of all, there were no doubters. Second of all, let’s go. [Cambry] Okay. Let’s do this. [Cambry] There’s the Y. [Zack] There is it. What do you think? [Cambry] It’s huge. Keep going? [Zack] Alright, what are we doing? [Cambry] We’re going to go down a bit to the
bottom part of the Y, just because it’s a little wider and we can actually get to the
Y. Looks a little crowded and there’s like a
ledge. [Zack] Yeah, there’s a bunch of people like
sitting up there. So maybe… [Cambry] I care about safety a little bit. [Zack] Ha, a tiny bit! So we’re going to go to the bottom of the
Y and maybe pull my drone out. Who knows. Hopefully the brakes work on the way down,
right? So far, so good. Alright, so getting down is kind of unique
because it only has rear brakes at the moment. There can probably be a way to reattach the
front brakes since the rotor is still there. So the back tires just slide a little bit
as we’re going. I’m not worried about like her careening totally
out of control, but she is kind of in a slide with the gravel stuff at least. [Random guy] Did you build that? [Zack] I did. [Random guy] Wow. [Zack] What do you think of the Y? [Cambry] It’s not as pretty up close. [Zack] Yeah. There’s a lot of cement on it. Is this is the highest you’ve ever hiked up
a mountain? [Cambry] Yeah. [Zack] That view is awesome. [Music playing] [Zack] Alight Cambry. So you used to live in Provo right? [Cambry] I did. [Zack] Did you ever think that you would be
hiking up to the Y? [Cambry] No, I just chalked it off as something
I’d never be able to do. [Zack] What are your thoughts now that you’ve
been to the Y? [Cambry] I’m an outdoors person. I love it. [Zack] Was the Y made like you thought it
would be made? [Cambry] No, it’s really ugly. [Zack] You think less of it now? [Cambry] No, I don’t think less of it. It’s a steep trail. Kudos to anybody who does this on the regular. And, I mean, it’s just a little bit uglier
than I imagined. [Zack] Cool. Okay. We will get down. We’ll see how that goes. [Cambry] Wish us luck. [Music playing] [Zack] Alright. So I think that hike…I’ll put the elevation
we went up here in the corner. It kind of pushed the limits of this off-road
contraption. I think you could have done it by yourself. But there were a few sketchy parts where we
had to kind of catch you to keep from sliding back too fast. And to kind of like guide you while you were
braking. [Cambry] If we were to do it over again, we’d
definitely apply front brakes to it, just to add a little bit more safety and stability. So it wouldn’t slide down the hill. [Zack] Especially, I mean, if this was paved,
I think she would have been just fine. But since it was gravel and a steep angle,
and it weighs like 150 pounds, with all 4 wheels having brakes, it would have slowed
down a little quicker. [Cambry] My thumbs would be a little happier. [Zack] Yeah because you were riding the brakes
the whole time, huh. [Cambry] Yeah. The whole time. Overall, super cool experience. I never thought that was possible. So kudos to Zack for making the impossible
possible. [Zack] It was a fun hike. Okay, if you have any questions, leave them
down in the comments. Thanks a ton for watching and we’ll see you