OEPS: deze e-bike gaat er ineens zelf vandoor!

Yo yo yo, I am Bram from Bright. And a new week… Damn it! How is this possible? – This is strange. Waite, there… There he goes, there he goes! Look at that! He’s just going on his own! What is this for ghost bike? Damn it. The idea was to make a nice review. Me, cycling through the country, with this Tsinova bike. But since we’re recording things are getting insane over here. The bike is leaving on his own. I don’t get is, but this is life threatening. I don’t know if I want to sit on this bike anymore. This is so bizarre. Ok, let’s try. He’s probably gonna do it again. But I’m going to put it back on the table. And act like nothing happened. Just like I’m doing a normal review of this very reliable Tsinova bike Is the other camera on, as well? Look at that, look at that. He is so confused. Totally crazy. Jesus. What the f is going on? What the f. What is going on? I’m thinking if I did something wrong. Because you had to assemble the front of the bike yourself, but I did not touch the back. The belt drive was already assembled. I don’t do anything, people, not a thing. Isn’t this the most crazy thing you ever seen? There he goes! Ok, now I was touching the treadle, but yeah. Look at this. Look at this, what is going on? I don’t touch anything but he is going crazy. What is happening? A bike like this can only do something what you touch the treadle. There is no accelerator. Not at all. So it should only work with some human power. But as you can see, I don’t do anything and still the wheel is spinning like a mad men. Maybe because it is in sports mode? The most aggressive mode, but yeah… I’m pretty out of breath ride now. This is so bizarre. He wants to go again. Look at this, god damn. Oke, I will turn it off. What a strange thing. This is really not a joke. Ok, I’ll turn it on again. Let’s have a look if it is resetting itself by turning is off and on. But if he does it again, I will never trust it again. I will turn it off for the rest of the review. There he goes. The light is still working. I will put my laptop aside. Ok, we have recovered from the shock a little bit. I’ve put it off and on again. That’s all. I hope that I have the time now to calmly
talk about this Tsinova Ion Bronze. This is a electric bike, as you could see. But the battery is hidden in here. Very de accu zit allemaal hierin, very compact. I will turn it around, so you could have a closer look to the battery. You get a kind of bracelet with it. It’s too small for me. But you can easily take out the battery. That’s nice. And with an adapter you could charge it everywhere. Fine as well. He has a belt drive, not a regular drive. Works fine as well. Something he gives some taps. Yeah… Wow, I’m not put my arm down there. I’m talking and talking to try to make something of this review, but I’m so upset about the bike is riding itself. Have a look at these recordings we’ve made, gives me time to catch up. There he goes again! Damn it. Ok, this one stays off today. Damn it. Pardon my french, but I have never experienced something like this in all my years for Bright.nl. As broken as this thing, I have never had them seen. He is going for it again. My oh my. (Calling the distributer) It was standing behind me and it took off. He was in sport mode and at once
he drove off. Without me touching something. I just had a call with the Dutch distributer of the Tsinova. They were stunned as well. He said of all the 400 bicycles sold in the Netherlands, no one had something like this. They didn’t know what the problem could be. Maybe something with a sensor. The bike is put together with parts of an other Tsinova. Maybe something went wrong there. But they could not tell me why this
happened. I am still a bit overwhelmed because of
this intens review. It is hard to get to a real review. Because it looks nice, is a nice city bike, you can lift it easily, the pedal support is nice, is not too much. But yeah, if he’s drives away without you on it, there is no place on the road for this bike. That review is over. Wanna see more? Subscribe and thumbs up! Would be great, bye bye!