O que é o Mountain Bike na sua vida? (Eng Sub)

To me mountain bike is so much more than a sport. It´s a lifestyle that brings me health discipline, direct contact with nature and a will to live. To me mountain bike represents at least 50% of my day. It´s my amusement park. It´s my therapy. It´s the opportunity to be in touch with nature. This same nature that sometimes throws us off the bike. It´s a lesson on being humble and mostly it´s my greatest source of energy. This is what makes me breathe this air, keep in touch with earth, this adventure, force your body. This gives me the strength to endure the other 50%. The one that we mostly tolerate which is work and responsibilities. So mountain bike is balance. Without mountain bike, without cycling… I guess I wouldn’t be able to live this good. Mountain bike to me is a big privilege. Nowadays, to have the chance to come to a place such as this, to a farm, open a gate, cross a river, see livestock… To have the opportunity to do this three times a week, in the urban environment we live today, is a huge privilege. Some people live years without any of this. I guess this is it. This gives strength and lots of good stuff. You start to realize that the best things are usually the simplest ones. Living with mountain bike brings these things you forget in the day-to-day.