NO, IM NOT INSANE.!!!!!!!!!             !!!!!!!!!!! / Getting Over It / #6

NO, IM NOT INSANE.!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! / Getting Over It / #6

PHAH! DAH! *Powering rage* *Release the kraken* ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
*Armagedden roar.*
(R.i.p ear-drums.) You think You think-? *Panting* You think- *Single pant* I’M NOT GONNA BEAT THIS GAAAME?! *Inhales souls of innocent* BWEEH~ Eeeee Z! This game… IS FFFKN easy! This game… IS FFKN easy! Oh this part. Oh this part.
Oh It’S tHiS pArT eVeRyBoDy- Oh this part. Oh this part. *Changes to retarded voice* Oh It’S tHiS pArT eVeRyBoDy- remember? remember this one??
you gotta go on the lamp -remember? Remember this one?? You gotta go on the lamp- Hu-cha! Hu-cha! uh- Or you can do that. For some reason that works. I have vERY LITTLe patien. LEFT but I’M GoInG tO bEaT tHiS gAeM IF IT’s THE LAST THING I’LL DOo “But Felix, you are just at the beginning of this game it gets much” sHUT THE FFUu Do you see this? do you see that? not anyone can do that my friend! I’m not I’m calling you a friend out of charity alright. You are mere a viewer to me I’m not- I’m calling you a friend out of charity, alright? You are mere a viewer to me (wow burn) That’s right. listen up. I’m tired of this sHit. I’m tired of this fucking mountain I’m tired of everything you have to rep- What is it? There’s some sand on my mouse pad,>:( so I’m having sand in my- o o f
(rip orange) Go away, apple (it’s an orange lol), okay, so here we go. this is it. This is quite. The this is quite the SH Shdebacle as we say in Sweden. You know what that it, what a shdebacle. you gotta gently push her up No, you fucking fucking shit. I am so fucking tired of redoing this shit HeRe We ArE aGaIn everyone!! Isn’t this great??(no) This is just great! We just get to.. get to know each other, you and me, Mr. Table! huh? we get to know each other! quite well! ab- a little bit more, than I would like! and by a little bit I would say an eternity, approximately. OH JESH! *CLAP* CHE Alright, keep it cool Felix. You’ve got this, my man, my brother my neighbour! good job Felix *horse snort* What the fuck? how are you slipping there? how are you slipping there, my fam? If you slip there, you’re definitely gonna slip anywhere else. You´re definitely gonna slip anywhere else all right here. We go. This is the ultimate test of slippery All right here we go. This is the ultimate test of slippery as I like to call it. try to make sure that I have as much mouse pad to work with as just humanely… Okay, we’re falling but it’s okay it’s okay its ok itsokitsok oof. Jesus. OOOAAAAAAOOAAAAHHH!!! Okay, we’re fine. We just gotta.. we gotta get up there again Don’t fall down because I’ll be fucking annoyed. Thank you It’s just a test of slippery. It’s a test of slippery. A test of slippery, are you slippery or are you- n- hey. motherfucker. hey. That’s not- that’s not good enough is it *spits on his hands* *Slap face* BWAAAAAH!!!!!!!1!111! *contemplating life choices* I have spit all over my wall No itsk dontpanicdontpanic d o n ‘ t *nut* *pure rage* What the hell, how did the orange come back? Go away! You ruined my life, that stupid orange (lol) STAHP
Stop!! Stop!! Where’s the game journalist difficulty when you want it, huh? where’s the game journalist difficulty when you want it, huh? *exhales pain* (cheeky lic) ok. OK. *pewds being satisfied* Yeeees!!! I’M BACK, GAME! YOU CAN GLITCH OUT HEY! It’s the cat everybody! you can glitch out as much as you like buddy as much. I’m gonna come back. I’m gonna come back I’m just fuckin gonna come back. Oh wow! It looks like you’re a moron. Good walkthrough, fucking idiot oh wow it looks like you’rE A MORON. good walkthrough, fucking idiot. *instant karma* oh. no. oh *laugh cries* what’s wrong with me? i need help. i’m scared (ʘ﹏ʘ) I can’t do this. what the fu- This is not that bad, this is not that bad.
I know I can do it. I’ve done it many times I know I can do it. I have faith in myself By the power of god and anime on my side It’s not that hard, it’s really, it’s not, it’s not that hard.
It’s actually quite easy The more i think about it, it’s laughable that I’ve been struggling on this bit. Because, I mean, let’s get real here everyone, minna-san This bit is quite easy. It’s, it’s like uh.. making love to uh.. another… chicken the chicken may think: “wow, this is, this is great” and so may you think! But the FBI may think something completely different, which is honestly, which is honestly just, just like how it is to play this game. I think it summarizes is-i-i-it… quite well, quite well You gotta get the FÄSTE as we call it in Sweden. You gotta get the FESTEH as we call in Sweden. Yeah!, you know what that means? Yeah!, you fucking do, well HUh, y’know what that means? Yeah, you fucking do.
Well It doesn’t mean skra- Oh God. Let’s not do that again Let’s not do that again. OkAy. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna imagine drawing a circle A PERfeCt circle Okay we’re gonna draw a circle (GO PEWDIEPIE) Here we go.. doown, no, okay, alright. Sometimes when you draw circles in life, It doesn’t always work out! and that’s fine. That’s fine. My hands are like sweating I’m solving the drought crisis in California.
Maybe I’m trying too hard Maybe I just need like a little bit. Ohh, okay, that actually, that actually makes sense. i did it! I used my great superior mind, and I did it! So what I’ve been trying to do is like- ÖÖOAAAAH But now I try to like- just lift down instead and that made all the difference Thank. God. Okay, I thin- I think, I think I-I, I can, I can do it now. I can climb this church I can climb the church. I am a SWISSTIAN CHANNEL™ AND I CAN CLAJMB THE CHAAARCH Mr. Cat! I’m not gonna make the same mistake
that I ma- It’s so weird! I know what the mistake that I make is!
I know perfectly what I need to do! Perfectly, but the fucking cat. HEY, it’s the Thumbs Up Of Death™, everybody! isn’t that nice? isn’t that just… Voary nice! oh itsokitsokitsok WOOH OHHH Look at that. It’s soo easy. Let’s do the same thing twice. You tried. Too slow is better than too fast, remember
Too slow is better than too fast [x2] You’re the turtle. Channel your inner turtle, Pewds. You fucking bitch, like, honestly. too slow is better than to fast That’s okay I was a little too fast there, but whatever THERE IT IS Hey, mister thumb, WANNA GLITCH OUT AGAIN ON ME? fucking asshole actually I’m stuck, okay. Nope Jesus lordords thumby, listen. I-I would stick that up my ass if it meant that I could complete this I’m ki- I’m not joking Too slow is better than too fast. YEEESS! BOOYAH! C O M E O N ! Too slow is better then too fast YESH ALMOST! *sighs* Almost over Felix. It’s almost, you’re almost over at the worst part come on come on come on Show your squad fam that you’re a real man What the fuckery was that? goddaMMIT!! I’m imagining babies turning into fountains of gold. Think of the babies and the golden fountains Think of the babies and the GOlden fountains. What in the assfuckery was that? Don’t push away, you sucking nipple tearing twister. Babies and mountains BAbies and mountains Babies and mountains, babies and mountains Babies and mountains Babies and mountains What do I do here? Babies and mountains? He’s gonna slide down isn’t he? Babies and mountains, babies and mountains WE ARE SO. CLOSE. Get over it first summit first celebrate later So close, my god, I am going to die please just YEEESSH *headphones slams into the floor* Marzia. i DiD iT. I did it, Marzia! yOU THOUGHT I cOuLdN’T DO it, dID yA? *swedish boy loses it* HAa Ss WAZseAsY *moah* Leave a like. LEave a LiKe. LEAve a lAJke. geT tHIs tO treNdIng gEt ThIs To TrEnDiiNg. cOOME ON EVERYbody, if we ALLL WORk TOGETHer It’s squad fam squad fam PSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H H H