New Yamaha Electric Bike: 2019 Wabash Gravel eBike

Hey, what’s up? I’ve got some eBike news for you: Yamaha has
a new bike the Wabash! Wabish! Wah-bah! Wash-bah!
*laughs ♪Intro♪ Yamaha gets on board with one of the hottest trends in cycling– or, electric cycling;
the Gravel Bike! Meet the new Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles
Wabash! ♪Ta-Da!♪ (win95)
I know what you’re thinking; “It’s pretty neat, but how does it compare to the UrbanRush? You might think it looks the same, but the
devil is in the details. They use the same battery, motor, display
and frame, thats true. But the mechanical components make all the
difference. The UrbanRush is made for the road with super-slim
reflective tires, narrow handlebars, brakes The Wabash on the other hand gets you better
hydraulic disc brakes, some knobbier, grippy tires, SRAM Apex 1×11 drivetrain, and most
notably some wider handlebars. The flare out on the bottom of the handlebars
provides better steering and control (from the rider) in rough terrain or even on the
road. As well, the wideness also accommodates for
a front pack if you want to suit up for a big adventure. This bike is made for road AND gravel, something
that Yamaha put on the page for this bike. As well as “rock AND roll”. Yamaha has an electric hard-tail bike they
call the YDX-Torc, and believe me, that’s great. However, one criticism I had for the YDX-Torc
was that it had no attachment points for a rear-rack. Because, I thought the YDX-Torc would be fun
to use as a commuter. The YDX-Torc iS a great ride off-road, BUT
using it on the road really doesn’t do it justice. So perhaps Yamaha wanted it this way: the
Wabash focused on trail and road aspect rather than manipulating [their] existing hard-tail
platform. And I gotta admit:
When I first saw the Wabash I just thought it was a re-skin of the UrbanRush, but when
I looked a little more closely, I realized that it might actually fit my personal needs
pretty well. Want to get better at dropbars? Want to get better at off-road riding? Heck, want to get out and bike any chance
you get? Then I think the Wabash would be a great bike
to accomplish all of these. Yamaha puts a lot of detail into their bikes
(most of it unnoticed) and I trust that they’ve done some great incorporating for the road
and mountain capabilities in the new Wabash. Now I know what you’re thinking: “What’s a
‘wabash’?The name actually comes from a rail trail, 63 miles long in Iowa. Pretty neat. You’re probably also thinking: “How does it
ride? Well I wish I could tell you from experience,
but the bike was just barely announced and I haven’t had a chance to ride one yet. But when I do, I will fill you in! Big thanks to the team at Yamaha for the provided
media. I will see you guys on the later! ♪Mt. Koltz Theme♪