New Scott Ransom – First Ride | Training For Enduro Ep.4

– So, the Scott Ransom is back. (energetic electro music) So, exciting day today, it’s new bike day. Myself and Blake have
come to Rev’s bike park, to a Scott launch, to
pick up the brand new bike that I’m gonna be racing, in Finale. So this, is the all-new Scott Ransom, check out. 170 mil travel, you’ll get
a full bike check very soon, but, this is a day for me
to just get on the bike, give it a ride, see what I think. I’ll try and set it up a bit. (relaxed dubstep music) Alright, the first impressions
of the Ransom are wicked, big travel, 170 mil, riding some full-on downhill
tracks over here which, you know, the Enduro World Series is gonna be like that, so. Got a super capable bike, it’s gonna take me a
while to set things up, as it normally does with a race bike. Tweak a few bits, but, loving it. It’s very exciting to
put it on my roof rack and take it home. (relaxed dubstep music) (cranking) (metal clinking) ‘Kay, so I’ve had the bike
for a little while now, I’ve been putting some
hours in on this bike, I’m gonna give you a run through of all the stats about this
brand new Scott Ransom, and actually let you know how
I set up a brand new bike. (energetic dubstep music) So, the Scott Ransom is
back, after about 10 years, so the original Scott Ransom, the previous one, had 165 mil of travel, and it was designed to
be pedaled up the hill with this lockout traction control and then rallied back downhill, so, the brand new Scott Ransom really goes much more along those lines, but a much more modern
version of that bike. So what you may have called an all-mountain bike 10 years ago, now, to me, sounds like
it’s just an Enduro bike ’cause this is the sort of bike you see those top EWS racers on. Long travel, 170 mil travel on this bike, you’ve still got that TwinLoc, you have got an updated
lever, more about that later, but you’ve got the option to run two different wheel sizes as well, so 29 or 27.5. That’s a pretty sizable
tire, so lots of volume. You can run up to a 2.8
in the smaller wheel size and up to a 2.6 in a 29er. We’ve also got that new frame layout, so completely different to the old Ransom, this looks much more like those bikes that we’ve seen Scott introduce
over the last few years, like the Spark and the Genius. The Spark is the short travel bike, and you don’t see this pivot on the Spark, that’s much more about the flex, whereas this bike has a
pivot on the chainstay so that it’s more active on the braking. What about the differences
from the Genius up? So, Genius is that sort of trail bike, 150 mil travel, Ransom 170, you see there’s much more material to it. Around here especially, lots of material for that lower shock mount, that’s a trunnion mount, actually. But it’s just stiffer, and this is the strongest carbon frame that Scott have ever made, they’ve actually tried hanging a ton of weight off that bottom bracket. Just race-ready as well, so, you know, you really can see these
EWS racers on this bike. Things like that chainstay protector, which make sure that bike
is completely silent, and even these cables are
rooted into the frame, so they don’t hang
underneath the bottom bracket and they’re susceptible
to any of those knocks of rocks coming up off that front tire. They even got a beefed-up
sort of protection there, underneath that down tube. This is the tuned model of
this brand new Scott Ransom, this comes with full carbon fiber frame, you got a Fox suspension, so you got the 36 with the
FIT4 dampener up front, and then you’ve got the Nude
TR EVOL shock on the rear, so that Nude is Scott’s propriety system that works with that TwinLoc which I’ll talk more about in a second. You’ve also got room,
with this new frame layout to fit piggyback shocks
or a coil shock on there if your needs be. Also, space for that water bottle. So the new Ransom uses that TwinLoc system as we see on the other
Scott, full suspension bikes, albeit with a new slimmer,
more compact lever on the bar. So you’ve got that fully-open mode, used for riding downhill, giving you that full 170 mil of travel, then traction control in the
middle, and then full lockout. The difference between the TwinLoc and other lockout systems is it actually, it closes the chamber and
it adjusts the damping, as well as reducing the travel. So what does that really mean
to the bike on the trail? My traction control can actually keep the bottom bracket one
centimeter higher on the flat, but when it comes to riding up a climb, on a 15% incline, the head angle
will be 1.5 degree steeper, and the bottom bracket can be higher, which gives the bike much better
low-speed maneuverability. So the Fox Nude TR EVOL
is a big volume air shock, so you can tune that shock as normal with the air spring
spaces inside the shock, you’ve got that normal
rebound adjuster there, something that’s really cool,
I think, brand new feature, is the way you can adjust the ramp. So you’ve got a brand new lever here, so you can go minus or plus, and that really effects how
progressive this bike is, so, even in changing situations, maybe the day gets wet,
the trails get gnarlier, you might want to take off some of that progression
of that rear shock to make it more compliant, or maybe you go into
a bike park situation, you’re hitting big jumps, big g-outs, and just flick that back to the plus and make this bike much more progressive. So actually, at the end of the stroke it’s 50% more progressive
than if you have it open. So the bike can be linear or progressive just with the flick of a switch, but what about the rest of it? Well, full carbon fiber
as I’ve said already, same layout as the other bikes, you’ve got a really chunky head tube, and sort of bottom
bracket, lower pivot area, to really make that bike stiff. One by only, as you’d expect
from this sort of bike. You got the ability to run really long travel dropper seatpost, so on a medium frame
it runs a 160 mil drop. You’ve also got all that built-in up here, so you’ve got that new TwinLoc lever, smaller than the old one but also, there’s less stroke on it. You’ve got that Fox transfer lever just built into that Syncros grip, so nice, clean cockpit. You’ve also got that
one-piece bar and stem, the Hixon, actually with a new sweep just to match, really,
downhill, normal alloy bars and it’s 780 mil width. So Scott have a big reputation for building lightweight bikes, and the Scott Ransom
follows that reputation. So the top-end, full carbon bike, with shock and hardware,
comes in at 2650 grams, whereas a lower priced, carbon front-end, alloy rear bikes, come in at 3050 grams. You’ve also got that flip
chip on that top of the shock, so when you’re changing
between wheel sizes it keeps the geometry really similar, so you’ve got anywhere between a 64 and a 65 degree
head angle on this bike, so, long-travel, slack,
it’s actually long-reach, you’ve got a steeper seat angle, it’s a really modern Enduro bike that, by the numbers, looks super capable. (energetic techno music) There you go, there’s the
brand new Scott Ransom. What do you think to the colors? Bright orange and green. I’ve been riding the bike
with 29 inch wheels on it, and I think that’s what I’m
gonna run at the EWS, in Finale. Just a few finer touches
to work on my setup, work out tire pressures,
what tires I’m gonna run, things like that. If you wanna see a couple of
the previous videos building up to my race in Finale, click down there for one,
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