Neuer Rad Kanal: GCN auf Deutsch! Abonniert jetzt

GCN in German is coming. From the pro peloton directly for you on
YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Co. In our videos we will show you tips
and tricks all around cycling, do workshop videos and talk about
current topics in cycling. This isn’t just about
how you get faster. It’s about the passion for cycling
and cycling itself. No matter what bike you ride,
whether it is a road bike, a travel bike or just
on the way to work. We want to give you
a place to share. Follow us. We are creating
a whole new channel. Every week we’ll bring
videos in German, made for the
cycling community. By German I also mean
our neighbors from Switzerland
and Austria. And to really become big,
we need one thing in particular, YOU. If you don’t want to miss
the latest trends and info, follow us now and
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our videos. Your opinion
matters to us. Show us your favorite routes,
talk to us about your goals and write us suggestions about what
we should do a video about. You can look forward to lots of cool videos
that we’ll present every week. For example, every Tuesday there is
the GCN-in-German Show, where we talk about
current topics in cycling. We share our experience as former pros
with you in our how-to videos. There we explain for example
how to ride downhill best or how to get faster
in the plains. From the biggest bike shows
to the bikes of the pros, we keep you up to date
in our tech videos. We’ll show you videos
that will motivate you to get on your bike and
celebrate our great sport. We also show you
the most legendary climbs and the biggest bike races
in the world. But that’ not all, no.
We also want to give you a deep insight into the world of the pros and share
our experience with you. For example, how to manage better
in the workshop, current results and of course some tips and tricks
from the peloton of the pros. We also take a look behind
the scenes of bike races. We show you a team bus from the inside,
talk to pros and much more. So, what are you waiting for?
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