Najlepszy e-KOMPUTER do e-bike = MPe

Hello, it’s Marek from channel today i’ll show You something amazing MPe – our on Board Computer Heart of MPe computer sits here, inside of the electric box it is main board to which all connections are made, all cables and sensors are connected there is display on handlebar which show us all data from MPe computer we can also change assist modes from here YES – MPe computer can add assist modes (PAS) to ANY motor controller available on the market and this is one of the key features available in MPe computer This is the only equipment on the market which can do that 🙂 MPe computer is available in several versions You can choose such variant which has display on the handlebar or you can choose additional bluetooth module and You can see all data on smartphone Here we have all the same data that are on OLED display You can also use your smartphone as main display without any permanent display on handlebar we can bring out our smartphone only when we need to this is how its look like smartphone is in handlebar mount we can change assist modes from it we can also connect to MPe any buttons/switches and change assist modes from buttons (even without smartphone or another display) on smartphone we can see speed, distances, battery charge level, motor temperature, how far we can go (range) we can change assist modes you can see all the distances, speeds, electrical parameters, temperatures battery capacity You can see that there is really a lot of functions! We took our computer MPe to the hill climb to see how pedal assist modes are working “i have mode two” Ania is riding on assist mode two, but she has “a little engine in the ass 😉 ) i have mode four mode four is set to 500W of assist power “it is hard” Ania screams that it is hard to ride on mode two We have four assist modes, which we can program according to our needs i have 70 degree of Celsius motor temperature and my motor controller has 38 degrees of Celsius, so it is far from overheat I’ve never overheat controller but the motor is overheating often See yourself MY MOTOR HAS JUST OVERHEATED WAIIIIIIT we have to stop for now, my engine is overheated and we have to wait it to cool down You can see , engines sometimes overheating , especially in mountains Thanks to MPe computer we can set top temperature at which drive will be cutted off both for motor and controller when we reach that temperature, MPe computer will protect out motor and controller by cutting off drive we will make a little break, motor will cooldown and we will go further “i have on mode two, and i’m starting being tired” “but i’m feeling assist power becouse without it..” I think I will stop So turn off assist power and we will see if You will stop “all right” is it turned off? “yes” Ania is now riding without assist power, we will se how far will she go ; ) “oh jesus” And I’m still riding on assist mode four, motor temperature is now 86 deg C Are You keep going? “Yes, but how hard !” So switch to assist mode four and we will se how it will help You 🙂 “im going” well well , i will overtake You Nooooooo he he Yeeeeesssss so she has ridden away on screen i can see also battery charge
level i have 94% and in such kind of terrains i mean in mountains MPe show that i have 35 km range i’m still riding on assist mode four i have both hands firmly on handlebar i don’t have to put any thumb throttle only in certain circumstances when I really can not pedal but most of time i am enjoying pedal assist mode we did 43km on single-tracks in Świeradów Zdrój I will show You some statistics from this ride last stage was really hard so MPe gives me only 10km range i have 37% battery capacity left motor temperature is 59 degC let’s swipe little down we can see average speed was 14kph we were riding for 180minutes battery voltage is 59.1V, max current was 46A my controller gives it’s max – it is GT1500 controller energy consumption was 20Wh/km when we riding in greatpoland region we have 10-12Wh/km so here it is a lot more motor temperature 58degC, controller temperature 38degC 11.8Ah was used from battery 37% battery capacity left so that is how it is look like there is one more cool function i have now turned on cruise control mode in MPe and cruise control mode can be turned on at every speed So You saw what MPe is capable of It is irreplaceable for every electric biker You can install it in every electric bike thanks to MPe we feel safe during trip we can see all the time battery charge level and range of our bicycle especially here in mountains where battery dissapears in the eyes if You are not sure if this computer is for You, please give me a call, and i will explain everything to You Thank you for watching, and see You next time Main features of MPe Computer: -one and only product with these functions on the market -works with every controller on the market -gives safeness during ride -simple and intuitive in handling -reliable -clear and easy to read display -increases utility value of every vehicle Unique functions of this computer: -it extends every controller possibilities by adding pedal assist modes -range / distance to go -bluetooth communication with smartphone -cruise control mode -possibility of limiting thumb throttle power on assist modes -overheat motor / controller cut off -low voltage cut off -real time clock Most important electric readings: -remaining battery capacity -battery voltage -current drain from battery -power drain from battery -how many amp-hours [Ah] are taken from battery -how many Wh/km are used (Watt hours to ride one kilometer) -two temperatures from NTC10k, KTY83, or LM35 sensors -number of charging cycles Additionally neccessary road readings: -speed up to 199kph/mph -trip distance -total distance ODO -moving time / 2019 / [email protected]