hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video you guys ask me so much about what parts I ride how my bike is set up. which wheels, what kind of chain is this, tyre…..?! so on that it thought its time to do a bike check the red dirt jump Ferrari, rose the bruce 2 so i am going to explain you guys which parts I am riding on my bike this is the bike I rode at crankworx Rotorua, so its my competition bike aswell my personal choice when it comes to dirt jumping I love my gyro setup and It really works good but cam always thinking about switching it back to the hydraulic one going to talk about this later on as I said earlier this is the rose the bruce 2 there is also the 1 model, the 2 has better parts on it but I am not riding most of those parts anyways because I am riding for all those other component sponsors so there are different parts on my bike the frame comes in this sexy red or in grey, and you can choose between M and L size iam 1,90m tall and riding L cranks: sram xo carbon cranks, 170mm length the 32T x sync chain ring comes with it the kmc x 9sl chain runs on it the gold just looks to dope isn’t it? the dope gold look is on each and every bike of mine so if you want a part that really pumps up the look of your bike, get such a chain! talking about the cranks, pedals are next up nc 17 sudpin TNTXL already rode those pedals earlier on the sudpin IV pedals those ones now are completely new had them on one of my first bikes back then pins are quite big, so they provide so much grip you definitely need it but you are also able to let loose of the pedals when you want to do no footed tricks but no matter what pedal you are riding, always make sure you ride with protection! you don’t want to have those nasty scars you might slip when learning new tricks! all the parts and the bike are also linked again in the description below (in that one document) who wants to look up the parts again next up is the drive in the rear. 13t to 32t in the front quite a hard one but it provides all the power you need when you have to pedal on a Slopestyle course and the novate crisp wheels are where the drive is on, space grey I love the look of those wheels also available in black, might get them for the next bike to mix it up than you are able to put the drive train size you would like to have that’s the one that I like getting the power I need to get when pedaling on those big courses thats what provides the power mounted on the novatec wheels, for sure: continental tyres! the race king 2.2 folding tyre, protection! front and back same diameters continental is my tyre! more grip, more stability, more endurance söderström was my role model when I grew up and he rode them so for sure I had to get some for my bike folding tyres, weighing 470g continental light tubes for sure. 120g instead of the normal 180 or 190g those weight reductions effect the rolling mass you can feel the difference immediately! tailwhips are easier bar spins aswell cockpit is next up: since this year I am riding for reverse components having this combo on since about a month already some scratches on there but that means you are riding and trying stuff, obviously the bike falls sometimes thats part of the game so you know you are riding it and shredding it hard! i am riding the reverse lead handle bar. comes in 770 width, I cut it to 740 mm way better for bar spins won’t get caught up in the hoodie or on the legs stay tuned, there might be a signature one coming soon rise is 25mm and 31.8 clamp same as the black one stem by reverse just looks so clean and smooth isn’t it? one of the most requested topics is my gyro setup so i will give you some facts about it all of you dirtjump enthusiasts are interested in it everyone who wants to do a lot of tail whips and bar spins, it makes sense to have a gyro its so annoying to throw back the handle bar after each and every bar spin. the cable might get stuck, broken, you get caught up in there been there done that i promise I will do a how to for you guys on how to set It up soon! when I come home from New Zealand I leave to the USA again with the whole continental team to a bike Mtb festival so there will be some videos from overseas and then I hope to find the time! parts: its an odyssey mono lever upper and lower gyro cable are from odyssey (top one the shortest available, lower one the longest) these go into the nc 17 gyro adapter plates the gyro is called odyssey gtx brake power comes from the avid bb7 road 160mm disc there was a dude wondering what I do over here haha I always put some oil from Motorex into the cables to reduce friction BUT brake power isn’t as good as a hydraulic setup thats why I rode a hydraulic gyro back then. worked super good, but the mechanical just spins way better but I am in contact with Trickstuff. the company that produces the hydraulic gyro so when there new model comes out I am going to try it out for you guys and going to let you know which one is my favorite then seat and seat post are missing still was riding a chromag liaison one for a long time now post and seat are the Nico link model. they are dope last but not least is the suspension. fox 36 k float 100mm with Kashima coating i ride 160 psi and 4 tokens in there to reduce the volume, make the fork more progressiv and all in all stiffer 15mm axle and the front wheel therefore has the same diameter thats it. oh wait, headset is from fsa, fitting one to the frame and bb is the sram gxp if there are any more questions please let me know in the comments all the parts can be found in the document in the description so thats the bike I had in Rotorua, that helped me to a 5th place but news time: there is for sure a new signature color on its way for me so stay tuned you are the first ones that will know about ti same on instagram leave a like if you enjoyed this video if you are new to the channel please subscribe thanks for watching guys you are the best! life’s short stunt it!