My Brompton Folding Bike Story. Titanium V Steel Akubra Brompton Girl with Subtitles

hello this is my Titanium S 2 Brompton bicycle and this is a little video on how I got to this point ok so few people have been mentioned in
on a few different forums you know the the titanium bike is quite
expensive and if it is is it worth it? well from my point of view yes it is
absolutely. It all started in 2009 when my brother first of all got a Dahon folding bike so he could go to Liverpool back into to work he works at
the School of Tropical Medicine and he is the guy the venom guy that’s got the
600 whatever venomous snakes he milks the snakes and basically saves over a
hundred thousand lives a year by the work he does, and I’m very proud of him
and anyway he bought a Dahon bike. From day one the Dahon
was squeaky and it was rusty and rusty sorry about that but it was was
squeaky and it fell apart so then the shop gave him another one and the same
thing happened again and then he went out and he bought an identical bike to
this but in 2009 or 2010 when he bought his this seat post was titaium
and there was a couple of the little things which were Titanium which they don’t
do in the titanium price anymore but anyway I went out and I bought a pink
Dahon curve which was baby pink flowers on the saddle. The first day the seat
turned blue! from my jeans turned the
seat blue and then it squeaked and it was so difficult to fold up and it just looked it was a horrible it
was cumbersome. So I saved the pennies I thought the day on
and bought Brompton which was yellow Brompton if you look at my other videos. (this is my crafting place) and it was a
yellow Brompton and I got that and then you watch my other videos have a look at them you will find out how many I got ya
so then you can see. So then three weeks ago I went to buy a sticker yes this
is the sticker bike! now I went to buy a sticker for a red Bromopton which I
was about to take apart and was gonna sell I love taking bikes apart !! I don’t know why I like I
just love it anyway and watch my other videos which I hope you have ! I bought this new
one and it’s absolutely beautiful well get into the point is we now three
minutes in our video I bought this bike and it is 9.6 kilos at the
moment what a difference!! it’s like day and night I love it if you get in on the
bus train or whatever or even on airplane this bike is under 10 kilos you
can take it on a plane this bike you can just pick it up and walk like this like
that I can grab it like that and I can walk like that through the Isle of a
train and it is brilliant!!! Well worth it! like I said 9.6 kilos at the
moment is gonna get lighter but that’s not the problem 9.6 kilos the other Brompton I’ve got is
like 12,55 kilos oh god knows why but anyway that makes a heck
of a difference an almighty difference honestly even to
the right in its so much nippier it’s so much better it’s like it’s like day and night so
absolutely brilliant it’s like getting home and
taking your bra off!!! the difference or like getting home taking a high heel shoes off!!!
completely recommend it it’s well worth the extra pennies! So there you go
there’s over now from me I really love it to bits it gorgeous just look at it! Its
beautiful! Alright you take care thanks for watching don’t forget gimme a like!! And SUBSCRIBE! Ok bye now!