MTBNB: The Mountain Bike Explorers Web App

We are mountain bikers. We conquer the mountains to feel the thrill of discovering new trails. Like you, we think that without a local we are missing the most of our ride. MTBNB sets your mind free. Wherever you want to ride you will find local buddies who will share what make their part of the world so special to them. All you need to worry about is how hard you want to hit the trails! Staying with locals is the best way to get in depth with the culture and exploring around. Having fun with like-minded people, that’s MTBNB’s spirit! We are excited to bring our web application to the mountain bike community in July. Today we need your support to go further and offer the most bike-friendly website. Let’s share this long ride together! Support us on Indiegogo, spread the word and join the movement now!