Mountain Biking Craigieburn, New Zealand, with Sacred Rides

So the adventure on the South Island continues today. I’m starting the day off at Flock Hill Station. Really nice accommodation, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and we’re gonna go take on Craigieburn today. It’s about a 4 or 5 hour ride, three different climbs, three different descents. Let’s have some fun. So I’ve actually started locking out my suspension for the first time and it feels pretty good, just gotta remember to turn it off at the top. Sun is shining and there’s a chill in the air. Great combination for a climb. Here we go! There we go. Just need a couple tries. Never ending. Pain & Pleasure getting started early. This is definitely the kind of trail where you get so beat up and you’re out of it you’re exhausted you make a bad choice because it’s all so technical Gonna be pretty careful try not to attempt anything that’s a little over my head for the sake of fun I am thankful as hell that it is freezing cold right now Perfect balance. My spokes are making noise right now can’t really figure it out, if the drivetrain is rubbing against the spokes or just a tension problem. Who knows. I’ll have a link to my Strava in the description if you want to see what kind of mileage we endured today Ohhh, here we go Get the seatpost dropped, get the suspension unlocked, when I have a free hand. Now we’re mountain biking! Jamie: Yeah
BK: Hell yeah! Jamie: AHEAD! Haha, thank you. Oh man Oh, ho! Something about hitting those roots like that just reminds me of a pro downhill video. The dirt is in such nice condition Whew! Close to the edge Hard left! So nice. Good braking, good fun! You know where my knee pads are?
In my bag right now. Just hit my knee on the front. Dumbass. Alright! Good first run! Probably the best trail of the trip so far. Now we’re going to do a little climb. Dracophyllum Flat Track Ohhh yeah Craigieburnnnn! I think my suspension still locked out. Now that I think of it. No time to reach. And my suspension is still locked out. Fuck me! Good shit! Hell yeah! that was great! Nice Nope. Tried for the pogo stick. Love this technical stuff on the uphill always looking for a challenge Oh that fucked me up. I need a break! Ohhhh. Haha! That was that! hundred and ten Jamie: I was going to give you a push 110% We are earning it today. Love it. Wooo. Nice place to rest. Take it easy on the flat here. We’ve been in these really wet, awful conditions so the bike is definitely feeling clunky right now haven’t had a real chance to get a full wash, get everything out of the chain, everything out of the drivetrain, that’s alright still doing good What a day! A little steepy Ohhh yeah Starting to open up Fantastic Still no Hobbits I almost think they might be making that up: That there’s Hobbits out here. Still got my feet wet Here’s the climb they were talking about Not too bad. Uggggggh! Looks like it’s lunchtime! Ben: Good trail, aye? Hell yeah Oh baby! How’s that for scenery? Yeah, just had a lot of food. It was too damn good. Ohhh, this one’s a tough one. Nice Very good. Wow What we’ve all been waiting for. Oh I’m losing it. Not bad at all. Oh yeah, here we go. We done earned it. Chunky! Alright Not bad. Into the bush Goooooood shit Wooo Oh, that was extremely tough. What the hell? Trying to lean that bike! If you ever watch The Singletrack Sampler, Alexander gets his bike leaned down so far. That’s why he’s such a great rider. One of the many reasons Not a problem My, my, my I think this extended cut for my Patreon people is going to be a lot longer than 45 minutes. So I hope you’re on it if you want to see longer videos: You normal folk have to wait for the videos to come out Patreon people get ’em early and get they get ’em long. Gonna make a mountain bike Christmas tree I’ll just watch, my bikes not going up. The final descent of the day. Ohhhhh yeah Little trickier than it looks the high little ridgeline stuff snap a pedal ROCK! Jamie’s going to catch me on this flat Gotta pump! Beautiful! That’s a split Let’s keep movin’ He said it was obvious! You know there are a lot of walker’s out and it may look like I’m just hauling ass, but I’m always in full control. The only thing that ever happens is people get scared, which sucks, I don’t want to scare people. It takes a lot to actually run someone down Coming up behind ya Whenever it’s convenient for you. There’s about nine more behind us. Ohh that was tight Rocks to slow us down Annnd here’s the van Thanks for reading you guys.
I’ll see you on the trail.