Mountain Bike Trail Riding Tips & Tricks : How to Balance a Bike in Place

A basic maneuver that’s really going to
help you out a lot is learning how to balance in place. It’s commonly referred to as track
stand, because it’s a maneuver that racers on velodromes, which are tracks that they
race mountain bikes on; really have to do a lot. But basically what it involves is finding
your balance point and then moving yourself around on the bike to maintain that balance
point. I mean with practice you can pretty much do it indefinitely on any sort of terrain.
The easiest place to learn how to track stand is on a hill, because you can use forward
pedal pressure to counteract the bike’s desire to move backwards. So you see I have
the same foot that I descend with do everything else with my left foot, I have that forward.
I’ve turned my handlebar to the right, so that it’s closest to my left front foot,
which also allows me to effectively counter balance. In this situation it helps a lot
too that there’s a divot, but you can see when I come and try to turn my handlebar to
the left, to do the track stand I can do it, but see how I’m struggling a little bit
more having to give it a little bit more of a, a little bit more of a pedaling foot. So
this is good in case you get stuck somewhere on a trail, either someone falls behind you
or you see something that you don’t know or you don’t want to go through the hassle
of getting off your bike, so and it opens up a lot of fundamental techniques. One thing
that you can do is if you know how to hop you can do a little correction hop to help
get your balance. In that situation I just lost my balance because I’m on pretty rough
terrain and I’ve been looking forward for way too long. So the next section we’re
going to talk about how to really fully apply the track stand.