Mountain Bike Buying Guide | Halfords UK

Here’s the Halfords guide to choosing
the right mountain bike for you. Before we begin, have a think about exactly what
you’re after – speed or comfort, tricky off-road riding or flat smooth rides.
These will all affect your choice so it’s important to bear this in mind when
making your decision. There are two types of mountain bike, hardtail and full
suspension. If you’re after speed, a hardtail cross country bike is spot-on.
They are lightweight, fast and have front suspension. Getting a lockout feature on
the suspension is a great shout too. Once the suspension is locked out, the
frame becomes rigid and doesn’t absorb as much of your energy as you speed up.
If you’re after more comfort on those tricky terrain rides a full suspension
mountain bike may be the better option, ironing out those tough bumps and jumps
through rough trails. However some say the rigid hardtail bikes offer a better
feel for the ride that outweighs the comfort of the full suspension but
really it’s a personal preference which suspension system you go for. How about
brakes? Well there are two types, the v-brake and the disc brake. The v-brake is
ideal for lighter off-roading. Disc brakes on the other hand, offers stronger more
responsive breaking with the downside of being slightly heavier. Hydraulic disc
brakes are also available as an upgrade to the standard mechanical disc brake,
they offer rapid response and smooth performance in all conditions. Finally,
gears. Our standard range of mountain bikes have the more traditional system
of up to 27 gears, while the more premium ranges offer a single gear at the front
and 10 or 11 at the back. Having a larger range between the rear and front
derailleur, can really give you an advantage on those tough climbs as you
can change gears quicker. With all of these components the quality increases
as you move through the range. Go online to see our full range
or pop into your local Halfords store and chat with a member of the team
for more information. Don’t forget when you buy from us,
we’ll build your bike for free.