Montague Urban Folding Bike Overview

I’m Kristina with Montague Bikes and I’m here with our Marketing Manager, Ryan Walas to talk about the Montague Urban. So this is kind of a light road bike. 21 speeds, so a nice wide gear range. And like you said it’s really good for around town riding. It does have a pretty cushy saddle, and fairly wide tires. These are 35mm tires, so that’s good for getting over some bumps or some gravel or light dirt roads. A great road drivetrain from Shimano, gives you plenty of gears for the hills, and high gears for the descents. So it’s great for the hills and for commuting? It certainly is. It also is equipped with our RackStand, which is a new component for us. It actually won a Eurobike Award. Wow! Yea, one of the more prestigious awards in the bike industry. Right now it’s acting as kickstand. It’s in the down position. The rack actually flips up It can act as a normal cargo rack. Put your panniers on there or bags. And it also has a built in fender with a matching front fender. And it also makes folding the bike a lot easier. Can you show me how it folds up? Certainly. Open the front wheel quick release. That allows the front wheel to come right off. The front fender folds down as well. And then the DirectConnect is just one lever in the center of the frame. You open that up and press in on it. And that allows the frame to fold around against the rear wheel. You can put the seat down as well for a smaller folded size. And there it is. Fits right in the back of your car, In your boat, or Private jet? Private jet if you have one [laughter] Well thanks for watching. If you’d like more information head over to And contact your local distributor for pricing. [Outtakes] I would say “around town riding” It just sounds a little better than riding around town. “It’s great for road riding, and around town riding” [Laughter] It’s better for… How about it’s good for road, and around town riding. “It’s good for road and around town riding.”