Montague FIT Folding Bike Overview

I’m Kristina with Montague Bikes and I’m here with our Marketing Manager, Ryan Walas to talk about the Montague FIT. Can you tell me about the features of this bike? Yea, so this is basically our high end road bike. A flat handlebar road bike, and it’s really about delivering road performance with a small folded size. Ok, so would it be good for someone like me? Definitely good for you. It’s lightweight. It’s fast. 30 speeds. So a lot of gears for hill climbing long road rides out in the hills. And definitely fast descents. You have a nice big chainring in the front and 10 speeds in the back. This is a 30 speed like I said, Shimano Tiagra drivetrain, and an FSA crankset. All of our frames are aluminum. This bike actually has a carbon fiber fork. What does that do? It’s again about weight savings. It makes the bike lighter weight, but it also helps with vibration damping. Ok. So the carbon fiber can actually absorb some of the road bumps better than aluminum. It makes a smooth ride? A smoother ride. Exactly. And along those same lines, the FIT is equipped with 28mm tires which is a little bit on the wider side for a road bike but it just makes for an even smoother ride. Great! Also you’ll notice that the FIT is equipped with disc brakes. And that’s pretty rare, or at least new, in the road bike world. Why is that? Disc brakes historically were on mountain bikes for a long time and they’ve really only recently been introduced to the road bike market when people started to realize that hey we can put them on road bike and get the same performance benefits. Which are faster response. Better stopping power. And even better performance in wet weather. So nice and safe with this model? Definitely. So who would you recommend this bike for? I’d say it’s a great bike for fitness riding. If you’re trying to get in shape this is a great nice fast road bike to get out there on some long rides. Anyone who’s interested in true road riding. Now does this one fold like the other ones? It certainly does. I can show you that. The first step is to remove the front wheel. Which is done with just one quick release. Nice. That comes right off. Wow, so easy. Then our DirectConnect folding system is just one lever in the center of the frame. You open that up. Press in on the lever. And that allows the frame to fold right in half. And that’s it. Can you show me how you put it together if I want to take a ride? Yea once you take it out of the car trunk, it’s really simple to open it up again. You just rotate the front half of the frame around It will actually lock into place. I’lll hear that noise? You’ll hear that click and it won’t fold once it’s like that. To fully secure it you just close the DirectConnect lever. Ok. I like to put my seat back in the right position here. Mine would probably be all the way down. [Laughter] Then the front wheel goes right back on and locks into place with one quick release lever. Then you’re ready to ride. All right. Let’s do it. Well thank you so much for showing me about the Montague FIT. Not a problem. Let’s take a ride. And if anyone at home wants more information head over to and if you’d like pricing contact your local distributor.