Mathieu Van Der Poel’s Canyon Inflite CF SLX Cyclo-Cross Bike

(dramatic sound effects) – I’m here with the Canyon Inflite CF SLX of Mathieu Van der Poel, a rider who has, let’s face it, won more cyclocross races
than I’ve had hot meals. He’s hot property right now in cyclocross and while many teams out
there are actually hoping that he would go and ride
for them on the road. But, no, his sights I
believe are firmly set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic
mountain bike race, believe it or not. Anyway, enough about that. Let’s take a look at this bike of his. Well, first of all, you
can see it’s decked out in a pretty special silver, matte black, and also a couple of
different shades of blue and some yellow stars down on there. But what does all this mean then? This means he’s European champion. Therefore, he’s got himself
a special edition bike. Now, Van der Poel himself,
he actually stands at one meter 84 tall, which is just over six foot in old money. So, he uses medium sized frame. Now, if we look closely at it, you will in fact see he’s
got a bottle cage fitted onto the seat tube here, which is slightly unusual in cyclocross, but if weather permits it, you are actually allowed to have a bottle on the bike for the race, which is super cool in my opinion. And some aerodynamic
tests have actually shown that a bottle on the seat
tube is more aerodynamic than on the down tube. Aerodynamics not quite so critical in cyclocross, of course. So, what have we got
fitted then on the bike? Well, first up, we’ve got
a Canyon S13 seat post, which is in the 27.2 millimeter diameter. So, it’s not gonna give you
a really, really harsh ride like you would get with a
31.6 millimeter seat post, which tends to come in
some frames out there, but we don’t see it that
often in cyclocross, hence the use of this one. Fitted onto the top of that is a Selle Italia
team edition saddle. And then also we’ve got the
Canyon H11 cockpit here, which comes with a 110 millimeter stem and the bars themselves
are 41 centimeters wide from where you measure at the shifters. And what shifters we got fitted? Well, we’ve got Shimano Dura-Ace DI2 and that’s the 9170 models because of course this is a
hydraulic disc brake bike. And then wrapping the
integrated handlebars and stem, we’ve got a slightly cushioned effect Selle Italia handlebar tape. The tire choice, I don’t
know exactly what they are. They are 33 millimeters wide, which is pretty much
standard in cyclocross because that’s the UCI
legal limit in width. However, what brand? I’m gonna put my neck out
and say they’re Dugast. They are unbranded and the reason behind this is that many riders and
teams actually choose not to have a tire sponsor so they can actually
really purposefully choose or select different models
and brands for specific events because tire choice is absolutely
critical in cyclocross. As for pressure, say, that
that is about 23 to 25 psi, something like that. I have spent quite a bit of time helping out mechanics in cyclocross races. So, this thumb is a pretty good gauge. What about the drive train then? Well, we’ve got Shimano
Dura-Ace 9170 derailleurs, both front and rear. Now, here’s something for you. These rear derailleurs are 9170. Because of the shadow star design, there’s actually more tension in that from the previous model, the
9070 or 9000 series Dura-Ace. So it does in fact help the chain stay on a little bit better when you’re riding over the rough stuff. That’s paired up with an 11 to 28 cassette from Shimano Dura-Ace model
here on the rear wheel. Chain link size, well we’ve actually 46/39 and it’s a two by set up. Shimano of course not making
a specific one by set up for cyclocross just yet or who knows if they are
in fact in the future. I’m just merely speculating. So, we’ve got that paired up with a chain which doesn’t
have very much lubricant on there whatsoever because obviously you want
to start attracting sand and dirt into the chain whilst riding over the period of an hour. Crank length, 172.5 millimeters, which is pretty much spot on because I’m the same height as Mathieu, so at least I’m doing
something he does correctly. Pedals, again unbranded. They have got Pro Toe 00 written on them. So, they do look very much
like Shimano model XTR for instance, but very much slimmed down. What about the weight of the bike then? Well, it comes in 7.51 kilos. What about some finishing
touches then on the bike because admittedly a cyclocross bike, they’re not quite as
decked out as a road bike. They don’t have the opportunity
to do special things with bottle cages although
like, as I’ve previously said, there is one fitted on here. Nothing special about that one though, but it is a finishing touch nonetheless. But, DI2 cable here on
the rear derailleur. It is in fact zip tied in place because of course it’s very unlikely, but a rider they wouldn’t want to have that snag on something like a twig or a branch,
anything like that, and pop out, preventing any gear changes. And then moving forward to the cranks. This is something I’ve
never seen a pro rider do. They’ve actually got scuff
guards on the cranks there to protect them from any heel rub, something like that, which is super cool. Shows you he actually really does care for his equipment. Speaking of that scuff guard, there’s also one on the head tube too, just covering up the Canyon logos. They aren’t covering it up exactly, but more like protecting it and then, the pro’s favorite, some heat shrink on the
cables there at the front. So, the DI2 cable as well as
the brake cable are both… Or brake hose rather in this case are actually
integrated nicely, keeping them out of harm’s way. From the top of the saddle
to the center of the cranks, that’s 79.5 centimeters, which is pretty much spot on for me and the reach is pretty long actually for a cyclocross bike I reckon. Tip of the saddle to the center of the bars is 60 centimeters. So that’s a little bit too long for me, so I can give this one back to Mathieu, don’t worry about that one. And the drop from the saddle
to the stem is 11 centimeters. So, again it’s pretty much slander. If you look at Mathieu when he rides, he does look really
aerodynamic and aggressive. Right, and the moment
you’ve all been waiting for: the free hub sound check. So, let’s have a listen. (soft clicking noise) Sounds good to me, even
over the commentator in the background. Now I do hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the Canyon Inflite CF
SLX of Mathieu Van der Poel. I’ve certainly enjoyed looking at it and I’m gutted to be giving it back to be perfectly honest with you. Now, remember to like and share this with your friends too. Share it with a friend of yours who absolutely loves cyclocross and if someone doesn’t,
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