Martyn’s Curb Trials | Mountain Bike Skills

– The humble curb. The street side wedge. Might look simple. Could look boring, but, you know what? This should never be underestimated. I swear, I learned to be a professional mountain bike rider using this obstacle. It’s an unlimited playground
of roots, rocks, and drops, and every street scenario
you can think of. You can learn it all on this simple toy. It’s amazing. So let me convince you how to use the curb to become a much better
mountain bike rider. (upbeat orchestral music) (Martyn laughing) So we’ve gotten the perfect curb but I’ve got to be honest I’m not the perfect guy to show you. But, I have got the
perfect guy to show you. I didn’t mess around. I’ve got Blake Samson. – Hey! Hi. – Dude, are you ready to
show everyone out there how great and useful a curb can be? – Yes I am. – Well, this one is not
the traditional curb because it’s got a drop that side but it’s very picturesque. So we’re gonna use it and
we’re gonna start over there. – Right.
– Let’s do it. – Do it.
– Come on. (upbeat orchestral music) Okay, let’s start with
the absolute basics. We’re looking at hitting the curb head on and you’re learning a few things here. Firstly, and obviously, you’re learning to lift the front wheel and once the front wheel’s gone on you’ll unzip the back
wheel but I think crucially you’re learning the geometry of your bike. You’re learning its length
and what it feels like to use it on an obstacle. So, it looks simple, but it’s actually a really critical technique. See it in action. Go Blake! (upbeat orchestral music) Simple. (upbeat orchestral music) – Right, it might not seem
much to the old naked eye but the trusty old curb… You’ve got to use your imagination. – Yeah, absolutely. You might be a beginner to mountain biking but you can still use this. You can just bump up the curb front wheel, then back wheel. As yours skills advance you’ll be hopping the front, then hopping the back. Then the trusty bunny hop. You can hit it fast. You can hit it slow. Don’t look at this as just one thing. There’s lots there. You’ve just got to find it and use it. You can bump up it. A bit more skill needed to lift the front and then the back. Moving on, lift the front, bump the back. Or you can be a total dingbat and bump the front and lift the back but that doesn’t make any sense. Now for the important skill. The bunny hop. (upbeat orchestral music) And, what about a bit of play time. Don’t just stop there. Maybe a hop to manual. (upbeat orchestral music) That was good. That was good. That was good. (Martyn laughing) It wasn’t that good. (Blake laughing) And let’s not stop there. Let’s try a little bit of a combo. Let’s lift the front wheel. Let the back wheel hop into endo. Come on Blake, you’ve got it. Hop. Bang. Nice. (upbeat orchestra music) So we’ve done going up the step but what about dropping off it. The curb is perfect for
learning the timing. Doesn’t matter about the height. The movement of lifting
the front and the back just like Blake just did is the same no matter how big it is. (upbeat orchestral music) Dude. – That’s pretty basic. – Do you reckon you
could go up it backwards? – Backwards? – Backwards. That would be pretty funny. Try it.
– Backwards. – See if you can, like, hop in and then go up it backwards. Let’s go on. – Better stand back,
because this might go wrong. – Attempt number one. – [Blake] This might go, yeah. – Yes. – And go! Aww, nearly. – [Blake] I gotta lift that front more. – I knew you would. Hop. Jump. – [Blake] I got stopped on… – You’ve gotta stop the endo sooner. – [Blake] I can’t actually – Go. Go. Oh wait, can you not roll backwards? – [Blake] No I can’t. Not yet, though – Blakey can’t fakie. Blakey can’t fakie. Oh! You was close there! Blakey. Blakey. My god that was bad. Don’t be so scared. You’re scared. – [Blake] That’s a big seagull – Honestly seagull, we’re
trying to film here, come on. Use that speed. In. Roll. Go. No. Failure. – What’s going on? Dropping in for the first time. – Dropping in, first go. Blake Samson.
– Let’s go. The Blakey fakie. – It’s quite hard. – I’m losing faith in you. – Oh no, no. I am as well.
– I’m losing faith in you. Yes. Roll it, roll. You literally can’t fakie. – No. Mountain bike’s supposed
to go forward, right? – You can flip whip but you can’t fakie. You’re kidding me. Okay, we’ve worked out you can’t go up curbs backwards. – I can’t. You probably could. – Let’s get back to the serious action. Okay, we’ve been going up and down but now we’re gonna start
using the length of the curb. This is the time to make your
bunny hop really work for you. Doing the side hop up the curb means you’re going to
learn an important skill that you can use out on the trail. It’s really useful, and
you can do it both ways. So, you’re coming along, and
you’re hopping up to the right but then we challenge Blake
more by bringing him in and hopping up to the left. Right. Left. Right. Left. The more you practice the
better you’re gonna get. (orchestral music) Come on Blake. Up. Down. No. No, no, no.
– No? No? – You’re not working hard enough. This is a really important technique. You’ve got to do the snakie. You’ve got to go up,
down, up, down, up, down. You could get it in 30 times along there. – 30 ups and downs? – Come on! This should be a cardiovascular workout. – Didn’t know it was gonna be the gym. – Let’s do it. I want to see some action. – [Blake] Okay. Alright. – You’ve got to push Blakey. 30. I think we should think
of these in individuals as how many times you can get up and down. – One, two, three, four, five
– Come on. – Six, seven, eight, nine, ten – [Martyn] Up, down, up, down. – So each square is for each wheel? – [Martyn] Up, down, up, down, go. We have a bit of speed. More speed. You’re gonna hit speed. Go. Down and up and down and up and down Up Down Up Down Up Down Up Down You’ve got another one in you! Yeah! Wooh! – [Blake] That’s hard work. That is hard work. – Now the other way. Go. Up. Down. Up. You’ve got to start
linking them together, man. – [Blake] I’m trying to leave… – Down up. It’s got to be one movement. Down up. Down. Up. That’s it. You see it? Down. There’s a new one. Down. Up. Down. Rhythm. Up. Down. There’s another one! One! Yeah! – What! – Tired yet? – Yeah, tired. – Curbs are sick, man. – That one’s nice. – Curbs are sick.
– Hurt me. Next. – So if you’ve found
yourself the perfect curb just like this one, then don’t miss out on the chance to the
obligatory tire slide. (romantic orchestral music) Let’s spice things up a little bit. Add in some stunts. Let’s try a 180. Not bad. Can we use the one that you didn’t do? Or is that gonna make you look bad? – I don’t mind looking bad. – That was nowhere near. – I’m only joking. Watch this. – Wow. To back flip. – That’s a 180, right? Oh, did you want me to go out of frame? – But you can’t, Blakey can’t fakie. – I just can’t do… – Kind of. – I can’t go backwards. – That was crap! (clapping) Come on. Oh you (beep) headsly. I tell you what. – [Blake] I’ve got it. – It felt like you meant it that time. – [Blake] I did, I mean
it now. Watch this. – Let’s go. – So there you go, the curb. You can have so much fun on her. Getting on and getting off and you can transfer all those skills that you learn on the
curb out on the trail. – Absolutely. Give it a go. It’s really worth it and it’ll bring your
bike skills on no end. Thanks for watching. We’ve had a great time out on the streets doing some stunts. – Been out here for a
few hours, five, six. – Yeah, enjoying ourselves. Stay with us, though. Why don’t you click up there to see my video all about
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– Bye.