Madhugiri Fort and Asia’s 2nd  largest Monolith Unseen visuals | മധുഗിരി കോട്ട

Madhugiri Fort and Asia’s 2nd largest Monolith Unseen visuals | മധുഗിരി കോട്ട

Madhugiri Fort The history of Madhugiri Fort dates back to 1678 Then Hyder Ali and British were occupied the fort Then Hyder Ali and British were occupied the fort A trip to Madhurifort with a history of many generations Planned for a trip with my friend Nithin It’s too cold morning We are going to Madhugiri, Tumkur District Karnataka, will share more details on the way. Saw one couple selling breakfasts so we decided to have breakfast from here Delicious “dooddu idli” and “bajji” for breakfast Now we are Walking into the fort The speciality of the fort is it build in the top of the second largest monolith in Asia This is the main entrance of this fort This is is in tumkur district in karnataka People who coming from kerala, kannanur can come without going mysore People who coming from kerala, calicut via mysore is the easiest way And 100km away from bangalore via yeshwanthpur – tumkur highway take right from doddadapet after around 50 km into devarayana durga road We climbed a short distance Despite the sun, there is cold and cold winds Around 2 hours we need to hike so keep sufficient water and snacks Feeling sad because of people destroying Such a beautiful fort by carving their names on the wall Please don’t do such things on historical monuments it’s a request The name, Madhugiri, is derived from honeybee colonies that were located in the Northern part of the fort. Fort is famous for the stone carving as well as the architecture. It was built in the year 1678 by Raja Heera Gowda The way to the top Resting beneath a huge rock For here to top The rocks are carved into stairs This is the rock we took rest beneath and the view on the way to top On the way we saw gates like these and each with its carved pillars We are Climbing slowly with taking a rest at the gates like this one The reason is steep ascent So we get tired This part is a little bit dangerous because there is no hand rails rest is fine We can see small forts on the way and we covered two still three more is there Feel a little difficult to climb because of the step and carved stairs While climbing we feels it finish soon but it will take around 3 to 4 hours to finish We are walking through small gates and few rooms in the fort various water tanks are visible throughout the way. These tanks were built to harvest rainwater using the hole on the top of it Now we are inside the fort ,it’s beautiful by its construction, see the way to get sunlight This is the way to go to the top of this fort and we saw the inside just before We can saw an extreme wide beautiful 360 view from here So we are heading back from Madhugiri Fort hope you like the video Please subscribe to my channel with bell icon and write your comments in the comment box