Maantiepyöräkautta odotellessa – Waiting for the road bike season

Hi, it is a cloudy winter day today – – and the temperature is … – oh, that meter does not show right – – but it is around zero. It is an annoying feature in Garmin that – – the meter should be outside an hour before the ride – – it takes so long for the thermometer to settle down. This cycleway is already in quite a good condition – – not too much stone chips there. There has not been too much of it – – which is a good thing. Therefore we have studded tires. In the city there is still a thick chip bed – on the cycleways. I don’t know is it for good or bad. Challenging time of the year to ride – – when there is still winter conditions in small roads – – and here the roads are free of ice and snow. This time last year – – I started the road bike season. This has been also a mild winter – – but the road bike season is not started yet. Of course we could try some bigger road and have a look. Let us take a shortcut here – – and see some culturohistorical landscape.
What a cowhouse! Nice mansion scenes here. This looks quite good – – there is no ice on the road anymore – – shady parts of the road maybe another thing. Quite much dirt on the road bank, though. Just wait when it gets wet. Luckily there is still a bit moisture on the road – – no dust nor splatters. Soon there will be a lot of dust in the air – – when the dirt gets dry. Then you should wear a mask while riding here. I guess there are much toxic particles there. Looks already dangerous. Warming up for the road bike season! We are about to complete our ride today. At least we saw some culturohistorical scenes – – and saw that the road bike season is not too far away. Looking forward to that! Bye!