Lume | “Free your pits. Free yourself.”

– I am obsessed with Lume. I have searched for a deodorant
solution my entire life. I’ve tried clinical strength, powder free, aerosol, natural, and
none of them have worked. I’d have these like discussion in my head. Should I do it now, how
long is it gonna last me throughout the day? Then I tried Lume. I couldn’t believe it. With Lume I’ve only applied
twice in the last three days. I’ve walked my dog twice,
I did two 40 minute bicycling routes on my electric bike. This is my bicycling shirt
from three hours ago. Like I could probably use this
as my pillow sheet tonight. Like Lume is that good. Lume is gonna save my clothes. You need to try it. Free your pits, free yourself.