Lose Fat Fast! – Get Fit With GCN’s 30 Minute High Intensity Hill Climb Training

– [Paul] Join the GCN
Peloton for this high-energy 30 minute team ride. Along route, we have some
challenging intervals to help improve your
cardio vascular fitness, (dramatic music) and to burn loads of calories. Follow the effort levels as a guide, and work within your capabilities. The effort levels are measured on a rate of perceived exertion scale. Level one representting
very light activity, to level ten, which is
your max effort activity. If you have a heart rate monitor, you can compare the effort level
as a heart rate percentage. The cadence follows the beat of the music, if you have a cadence meter, we also have added the numbers
on the screen for you, too. This is a seriously heavy route, with a tough mountaintop finish. Are you ready? I hope you enjoy this session. But first, lets warm up together. – There’s going to be two major climbs, one half way through, and at the end, a seated and then a
standing sprint to finish. Before we do that, let’s warm up. So, hand position number one. Got another one minute, ten seconds. Keep it nice and relaxed, at cadence a hundred to 110 RPM. Let’s prepare ourselves
for some hard work. Let’s burn a ton of calories. Let’s go. (dramatic music) 40 seconds! Just keep it nice and
easy, nice and relaxed. Just get those quads,
those glutes, hamstrings all nicely warmed up. Let’s keep those drinks flowing all the way through today. Let’s keep those hydration levels up. Use those towels to keep
yourself nice and dry. Hand position 2.5. And we’re going to be going
into a standing climb, but hand position 2.5. (upbeat music) Still bit of a slower cadence. Get ready to stand. Into transition, up we go. Not too fast, good. Let’s get those hamstrings
nicely warmed up. Tap, tap, good. Keep the upper body nicely relaxed. Just drop the tension, elbows soft. Looking good. Just dancing on those pedals, climbing these small rises. Two, one, down. Keep pedaling. Just preparing ourselves
for the work ahead, so we’re going to go out the saddle again. Keeping with that beat. Effort levels, start to increase
it just a little bit more. Work rate, about and eight out of ten now. Two, one, up. Just nice to get out the saddle, stretch those legs, keep that sternum up. Looking forward, keeping that chest proud. I’m going to add a little
bit more resistance, but keep with that beat. That’s good, two minutes to go. Two, one, down. Nicely on it, guys. Good. That transition going up just
feels a little bit easier, when you’re sitting down, if you need to take some off, adjust your
resistance to suit you. Keep that effort level eight out of ten. Working hard, heart and lungs working, starting to increase my breathing rate. Legs are super warm,
going to go back up soon. (upbeat music) Time for a drink if you’ve got time. That transition’s going
to go back up again. Keep it in 2.5. Ready to go up? Three, two, one, up. (upbeat music) 60 seconds. Look where we’re going. I think there’s a coffee shop ahead, must be your round, Dan. Good, keep that sternum
tall, looking forward. I’m going to add a little
bit more resistance. Keeping that effort level under control, we’re still working hard. Good job everyone. 35 seconds. First little climb to test
us before the big ones. Okay, nearly there, nearly there. Stay with me. Three, two, down. Good, we keep pedaling,
don’t switch it off. Okay just get on a little climb, cadence is just there, just
getting those quads fired. Position two. Take a drink if you need one. Now we’re hitting a big climb. Four minutes, seated. We’re going to add the resistance. Hand position two, or 2.5. So find that beat. It’s slow, it’s strong. Four minutes seated, guys, you got to switch that core on. Turn that resistance to
suit you, it’s your ride. You’re going to get the most out of it if you stay focused, keep great form. We will have a break. Half way through let’s climb. Imagine a long climb, which you use in your training rides out on the road. Close your eyes, visualize it. Nearly sat down. Climbing strong, come on, let’s work. I’m going to add some more, I want to see you guys
working harder, too. So join me if you can. Keep with that strong feet. Increasing that work rate. Coming up to half way through. Keep that tall posture. Everyone’s working really well. Just soften those, shoulders for me, good. Drop it down. Don’t hold on too tight,
we’re two minutes in. It’s getting steeper. It’s getting steeper, who’s
going to add some more? I’m going up! 90 seconds approaching. The climb is getting steeper, hold on. We’re keeping that cadence up. We’re pulling away. 75 seconds. Stay strong, guys, stay strong as a team working together. How many calories burn on this hill? 60 seconds. Sit up, it flattens off. (heavy breathing) Breathe. Take a drink. Approaching the top. Position 2.5. Keep with that beat strong. 44 seconds. I’m going to add some more. Increasing that heart rate. Burning even more. 30 seconds. 20 seconds in time,
you’ve done really well, you can see the end. The peak is there. It’s going to flatten off, and you can recover. You deserve a break. But you’re not going to get one. (upbeat music) Hand position 2.5. We’re going to be going up, take a drink. We’re going to be running on that hill, we’re going to be in and
out of the saddle, 2.5. Done well. Settle down, let the heart
rate come down, breathe. (heavy breathing) Open up the lungs, breathe from the tummy. Get ready. We’re going to be standing up very soon. Cadence’s going to stay the same. Effort level, just
creeping up a little bit. Prepare to stand, so add the resistance. Ready? Three, two, up. (upbeat music) Good, nice. You might have to adjust that
resistance when you go up, when you adapt to that resistance. It becomes easier as you push
the power through the pedals. Now hold your form. Five, four, three, two, one, down. (upbeat music) Three, two, one, up. Good. Stay up, good. Two, one, down. Hand position two. Take a drink onboard, soften
it off just a little bit. Breathe, good. (heavy breathing) Short break, short recovery. Recuperate. Everyone’s okay? Everyone’s well? Looking good. Still smiling, still got
plenty of energy left. Hand position 2.5. (upbeat music) We’re going back up, ready? Be ready, be ready. Add the resistance. Feel those legs starting to burn. Three, two, one, up. Five, four, three, two, one, down. Two, one, up. Four, three, two, one, down. (upbeat music) Stay down, stay down. Ten seconds. Two, one, sit up. (lelectronic music) Good, wow, we were like
gazelles ready to go up. We’re not ready. Okay, hand position two or 2.5. We’re back on the flat, we need to have a little bit of a breather from those hills. Increase that heart rate,
increase that cadence. Just under a hundred RPM. Position two or 2.5., you all cool? Nice, change the positions of your hands. 20 seconds. We’re going to have a
one minute seated flat. Effort, burst, race,
whatever you want to do. Get ready in ten seconds. I want you to prepare yourselves, keep the cadence the same but
work rate a little bit harder. Increase resistance. Two, one, go. Imagine a sprint stage, there’s the points are up for this one. 45 seconds to the end. Good. Pushing strong, get
those glutes activated. Keep tall and aerodynamic. 30 seconds. Who wants the points? Who’s going to get there first? 20 second effort. Go on, push on, I’m going to
add a bit more resistance, and work a little bit harder. Ten seconds. Five seconds. Three, two, one, good. Hand position two. (upbeat music) Then we’re going straight
up to three, ready? Standing climb. Two, one, up. Find that beat, slower cadence. Add the resistance on, it must be heavy resistance
all the way through. Make sure we’re not
bouncing in the saddle, means there’s not enough resistance, so squeeze a little bit more. You’re in charge of that resistance. Three, two, down. Good stay down, position 2.5. Three, two, one, up. Okay, guys, for the next six minutes, we’re going to be in and out the saddle, working with the beats of the music. Let’s be a little bit
taller through the chest, keep the sternum high. Good, it looked good throughout. Find that rhythm, find that beat. Getting a little bit quick, just squeeze a bit more on, good. Nice standing climb. Strong position. Burning a ton of calories,
improving our fitness, getting stronger for when
we’re out on the road. Get ready to sit down. Back to 2.5, hold on. Two, one, down. Hand position two. Take a little bit of
resistance off, recover. (heavy breathing) Breath. Well done. Hydration is important, let’s keep drinking all
the way through this. (electronic music) Working really hard. Five minutes left on this one. Let’s get there, it takes you high. Add the resistance, 2.5. We’re going back up into a standing climb. Find that rhythm, find that beat. Add some more, get stronger. Two, one, up we go. Nice job, focus, guys, on form throughout. Add some more. Work rate eight, nine out of ten. Four, three, two, one, sit down. Five, four, three, two, one, up. Four, three, two, one, down. Four, three, two, stay down. Keep working guys. Take your resistance off a bit,
hand position two, recover. Short recovery, mop the
brow, take a drink onboard. It’s going to get harder
before it gets easier. Just relax, and breathe. (upbeat music) Going back to 2.5. Add the resistance. Half way. Add a bit more, there’s the
music, there’s the beat. Keep with it. Get ready to transition, 2.5 to three. Let’s put a bit more in there guys, come one, let’s get
the heart rates higher. Be ready. Now we’re working. I’m creeping it on, making
it harder for myself. More testing. Up into the climb. Be ready. Position 2.5 ready to go to three. Two, one, up. Good job. Keep relaxed, come on, add
some more if you got it. Be ready, we’re going in and out. Three, two, one, down. Four, three, two, one, up. Two, one, down. Three, two, one, up. Two, one, and down. Be ready. Two, one, and up. And stay up. It’s getting steep, I’m adding more. Look where you’re going guys. We got 90 seconds, come on. Two, one, seated. Stay there, come on, keep working. 90 seconds. (upbeat music) (groaning) Stay with it, stay with it. I’m increasing intensity. That work rate up is eight
an a half, nine out of ten. Get ready to stand. Prepare the resistance. Three, two, one, up we go. Four, three, two, one, down. Two, one, and up. Two, one, down. Two, one, up. Stay up the last 30 seconds. Who’s going to get to the top and get the king of the mountain? 25 seconds. Stay with that rhythm. Relax the hands and the
elbows, keep it tight. We’re sitting down very soon. Stay together, we’re going to regroup. Ten seconds. Two, one, down. (calm music) Hand position two, a little recovery. Increase that cadence,
take a drink onboard. So we’re hitting the flats again. Before we hit them, monster hill. Efforts, accelerations, working as a team. Seated and standing sprints, 87 RPM, so hold the resistance on. Don’t over spin it, keep quality, keep great form and control. Hand position 2.5. (upbeat music) Position three, up. Up, up, up. Hand position three, good. Hold the form, chest up. Little bit resistance, go. Find that rhythm, head up,
let’s work out, come on. Remember, we’re on the flat, we’re working hard, the cadence is high. We’re look forward at
the road ahead, come on. We’re making accelerations as a team, we got to keep together. Get ready to sit down, but keep working. Two, one, down, working. Hold that body strong, all in through your core,
keep that chest high. Hand position two or
2.5, that’s your call. You have fared that position, we’re on a nine out of ten work rate. Stay with it. I’m going to add some more,
I’m going to treat myself. Or self-punishment, I’m not too sure. Get ready. 2.5, get ready to go to three again. Out of the saddle, working
hard with a nice fast cadence. Prepare, prepare. Two, one, up. Stay on it, good. Look forward, what’s ahead? A massive mountain, that’s
ours, we’re going for it. Come on, let’s get there. Matt is thoroughly enjoying this. (heavy breathing) You’re all working incredibly hard. Get ready to sit down. Three, two, one, good. Keep going, keep moving. Position two or 2.5. Stay strong guys, we’re as a team. We start as a team, we finish as a team. Position 2.5. Ready to stand. More resistance. Three, two, one, up. Nice, good, come on. Hands at the ends, relax
the shoulders, good. 90 seconds. A little bit more, come on. I’m going to treat myself. (groaning) That’s better. One minute on the clock. Come on team, stay with me, stay with me. Well done guys, come on, at the back. Take the lead, come
on, catch up, catch up. Those legs should be on fire. Two, one, down, good. Keep with it. 40 seconds. Relax, relax. 30 seconds. Good, hand position two. Slow it down. There it is, the climb. Resistance on. (upbeat music) You can see ahead, you can the top. The cadence is going to
drop from fast to slow. Two minutes. Two minutes. (classical dramatic music) Resistance on. 75 RPM. Good. Who’s a strong climber? Position two or 2.5, up to you. This is the last thing we got to do today, so let’s climb strong. Let’s get it, Steve, we’re there. More, Simon, more. Slow that cadence right the way down. It’s brutally steep. That’s how slow, that’s how painful it is. 60 seconds. Getting to the top, we’re nearly there, we got 50 seconds. Hold it together. Good. It’s slow, it’s painful. 20% gradient. 30 seconds. We’re going to go up for the
last 25 with the resistance on. We’re going to climb. Two, one, up. It’s unbelievably painful. Super steep right to the end. More. Five, four, three, two, one. Hand position two. Resistance off. Not all the way. Spin, recover. Great job guys. Hilltop finish complete. (upbeat music) A successful team job. Hand position one, flush it out. Well, congratulations on completing that 30 minute journey. If you enjoyed it, and
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