Lock Challenge 2017: How Not to Get Your Bike Stolen

About ninety-five percent of all thieves are
using entry-level tool they can hide underneath a jacket or in their backpack. They are opportunity thieves, they are catch converters. Against these kinds of tools most of the decent locks are secure. The danger is when using entry-level cable locks. Than you risk really stealing your bike in
an urban environment like we are here. And then they are about five percent of thieves who are professional thieves. And those thieves, usually, they come in groups, they come with a van, they come with proper tools, let’s say a long bolt cutter, maybe
power tools. Although power tools are not very popular
as they make a lot of noise and you see sparks flying around. The best locks to use are either U-shackle locks or folding locks. U-shackle locks need to be double sided in order to protect your bike well. The folding locks, due to their flatlink design are very difficult to attack with bolt cutters, which are the most popular tool thieves are using. So, the combination of both are the best locks you can use. The folding locks also can be carried very
easily and nicely on your bike.