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We did Lizard Prank on girls and it was awesome Watch and Enjoyy.. If a baby born in south africa.. what is her teeth color? white you?? … Yellow Do you think it is the correct answer? yeah.. but baby won’t have any teeth when she was born right…!!? yeah that is correct answer..!! do you want gift now? No teeth at all No teeth when she was born..!! Ok, you have given the right answer.. Close your eyes now Close your eyes and show your hand any one of you will get a GIFT from us show your hand and close eyes, who has given the correct answer? me Don’t open your eyes..!!, ohh no it is scary I’m justgiving you a gift close your eyes first.. you close your friend’s eyes.. please no.., i’m getting scared..!! hey thats just a chocolate..!! don’t panic, its just a small gift.. Look now Close your eyes.. close..! when I say 1-2-3 then open your eyes.. ok Asking question is not our intention, it was a prank video