Lightweight Wild Camping Gear Waterfly 40L Rucksack Foldable

after them gates hey I want to say
thanks to water flight for the 40 litre Rock suck
I got governed their Rock suck so I’ll give you a look this is going to be my
cat or we’ll camp in spring summer the cat is six a kilograms so
lightweight I don’t know if that would come under that is ultimately what
oh wait wait wait well cut a look at the bike and there
I’ll empty all the contents the actual box that only weighs think it was about
700 drums and it’s got you know cords at the bottom your usual people love what
if I rock cycle over the lake and there you’ve got your two pieces on the site
so you could actually pick up ten on this save the earth bag and these lips
personally I don’t like that so you can stick your tent and through
there if you get I mean strap it to the site so oh maybe I’ll look and the bike
get that up drunk so let’s see what I put my nipples spark what bottle when we
up should be plenty and then when see the bike so it’s got
there when Bank space to all your stuff right so I’ve
got my soya so your money water for work and the little bug wouldn’t you but my head touch let’s prepare the Karl
shooter got mouth kept pot 900 milk pot worth Gasca and my stop what propose my nature take one mine ten poles and pegs unmatching sleep MA and I’ve got my reflective mark but I
like to put in the bottom of the tent and then it’s got a separate but at the
bottom for getting a sleeping bag compartment so it’s an actual window
sweden bags I’ve got roughly as a dome look there so yeah I could use this and
when that is love that’s topsoil need some more so that’s the actual bag okay
look at that your vibe rock side so we’ve got our friends up here quiet
like a map or something an American confessional like in the front when you
quit your compartment at the bottom forget a sleeping bag and then you’ve
got these mesh bags see you on the saber putting out water putting your stuff on
then as I said you can click get a tent to the saber then it’s got the top
Parker the hood pocket that’s what I keep my footing once and then it’s got
eyes up and saved the actual layer hood like so so yeah and it’s got our pocket
and seat the actual bike on the safe there see here we can see that unsaved
right so I’ll show you how it folds up let’s just say you’ve done your camp and
truck and there you were to fold the bag up all folds up and it goes on to say traitor remember how it goes yeah so our boys doesn’t say get to flag so there we go what that’s it all fooled
you got me I would use as a power stuck ends in a dry bike to take them safe but
that’s what it falls up to 800 grams of anchors so this is the back of the bag
right you can’t adjust the bike for different heights and tape thing but
yeah I suppose this Holly we’re buying in who he doesn’t idle thinking you
wouldn’t need that would you there’s no actual support on the bike but I do like
the actual bag it’s really good I used it today
I hate down here it was a 30 miles formative walk and so usually when I go
camping or well camp and whatever the most an omelet walk as I vote five Mouse
X Mouse that’s the most seven that can i push no I don’t know I do much more than
that so just by doing that for emails they off and then I’ve had a little big
no I could do the next 30 emails easy-peasy
so it’s got their strap for your wish that we struck people and so I’ll show
you that one as well I’ve got a big belly so it fits me perfectly
okay look so yeah I’m happy off the bike so if anybody wants one la who are link
below in the description box I’ll leave our link and build the chart comment
thing eyes as well for the bike I think the bag is like 50 pounds
so but anybody just starting camp and I would probably say this is creative good
bye yeah so thank you