Lifespan Fitness SP-550 Spin Bike

Take your first step into the world of belt
drive spin bikes with the sp550. It combines the affordability of a chain driven
bike with the smooth, quiet feel of belt drive. The drive belt completely removes the aspect
of chain rattle. This makes it great if you want to be watching
TV or listening to your favorite tunes while you work out. With the drive belt system, you can also feel
the bike so much smoother than a normal push bike. – Everything from the seat to the handlebars
is fully adjustable. You can have this set up exactly how you want,
and, be able to easily change it for someone else. – The computer display gives you a great idea
of where you’re at. Workout data – like pulse, speed, distance
and calories – lets you know exactly how you’re performing in your workout. – Built with EKG hand pulse sensors, you’ll
have a good idea of how hard your body is working. This bike has a larger frame than the SP-460,
giving you better frame stability, which is great for when you’re cranking up the resistance
for hill climbs and other high intensity workouts. The lifetime frame warranty gives you the
confidence that you’ll have nothing to worry about. I would recommend the SP-550 if you’re looking
for an affordable spin bike that comes with a sturdy and durable belt drive.